WCW: Meet Afrah Karama, Talented TV Host, Talent Manager and Administrator

Afrah Karama (Instagram: @afie_af) is our Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

Afrah is a Human Resource Generalist and Client Relations at 252 the Life Style, an ICT firm that designs payments solutions that use mobile money as a payment option.

She also a talent manager, currently managing Deejay LL and occasional guest host for Urban TV’s Back Stage Pass show.

Below she speaks to MTN Pulse.

How do you juggle being HR/Admin, a talent manager and a TV Host?

I juggle all my above roles by majorly prioritizing the roles and scheduling them or putting in some extra time when there is need.

When and how did you become a TV host?

I have been am occasional guest host TV host more than a year and I got it because the producer believed in my TV presentation skills. I had the English language command, confidence and as lots of people say, the TV look and appearance and the rest is majorly on job training you learn while on set.

Afrah interviewing a guest at a recent event

What was your very first job?

My first job was a Human Resource Intern and after the 3 months probation was made an Human Resource Officer.

How is it like to manage a DJ?

Managing Deejay LL is so far so good majorly we are one team in sync have the same goals for the brand i.e to grow it and make it a bigger brand.

Why did you choose manage Deejay LL?

I chose deejay LL because he is very talented and needed to be out there out of his comfort zone; I thought aggressive me would do so. In addition he’s very focused, hard working, honest and need I say very principled. For me those are my core values.

Afrah with Deejay LL

Describe how you keep informed of industry trends and deals. Share an experience in which this helped you in your work?

I keep informed about the industry trends through social media and interactions with various people. This I would say has continued to help me in my work it majorly a base being informed having good people skills  acting on constructive feedbacks.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement is mastering in Human Resource Management practicing it for more than 5 years and being an outstanding employee in that field in companies I have worked.

And extending my talent management skill to a growing and respected brand.

Afrah at office
Afrah with a colleague at 252 Lifestyle

Are you in a relationship?

Yes I am in a relationship.

Tell us about your wardrobe. What do you like to wear?

Am not particularly into brands I wear anything that fits and is right for the occassion and flatters my body. I however can’t get enough of shoes, watches and perfumes.

Beauty with brains

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself having an HR recruitment firm in 5 years

What advice do you have for young people that are looking to take on a career and be successful in life?

My advice to young people looking to take on a career and be successful in life are;

  • Be principled i.e. have values
  • Believe in yourself for others to believe in you
  • Make good meaningful connects
  • Work on your people skills, and
  • Seek God’s guidance in all this.