Why Red And Black Are The colors for Valentine’s Day

For those in relationships, this week has started with anxiety of what Friday will hold. You don’t know whether you get your partner an extravagant gift or something simple because you also don’t know what you will receive. However, aside from the anxiety, at MTN pulse we thought it wise to educate you on some of the things that make the day like the colors.

Red is the color of love- even the red heart on whatsapp explodes when you send it because red is not like any other color. It is the symbol of romance and also shows that someone is in love. When someone wears red on Valentines day, it is to say that they’re taken and in love.

Black in general is associated with bad news or grief. On Valentine’s Day, black goes to show that you’re alone, rejected or open to proposals from other people. Because the day is all about love, the color black is worn for those who are single to also get a chance at love.

These 2 colors are however worn together because they blend well with each other. Since they’ve traditionally been known as the colors for Valentine’s day, fashion has evolved to mix them together to keep them as the color themes for the day. You can buy yourself some black and red themed gifts on the Jumia app and enjoy a discount if you are on the pulse by dialing *157#.

Pulse MCM: Meet 23Year Old Shaka, a Master of All Trades

Is music the easiest talent to explore? You would think so considering there are so many young people doing it or joining the industry. However music to Shaka is a passion he has had since he was a kid. “I discovered I could sing way back in primary seven when I would kill Michael Jackson’s – We are the world song.” He said


Like a man of talent he is, it is safe to say that he is a jack of all trades. He has explored the various aspects of the arts industry. Modeling, dancing, poetry, photography, basket ball name it.

Although he is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism, his heart is also fully in for music. He first rose to mini-fame when he did a Sam smith-Too good at goodbyes cover that made rounds on social media. However, what made people curious about who he is, is when he did Winnie Nwagi’s Matala that left the songstress stunned. Because, people believe in his dream, he has got chance to perform at different platforms like Mavuno, Kenjis, National theatre, charity events and ofcourse church.

Shaka advises pulsers to always believe in themselves because no one will do so if they don’t do it first. He also advises them to work so hard on their craft so that it can speak for itself.

Recently, he released an EP album that no one saw coming. His impressive choice to hunt for his dream really hard at an early age will eventually pay off. Check out this track on TIDAL: “Its Over” by Shaka Mao https://tidal.com/track/127840233

Pulse Fashion Tip: Why West African Head Wraps Are Taking Over Uganda

West African crossovers – however unavoidable – have always left the average Ugandan with mixed feelings. From Nollywood films, to Afrobeats music, and now the West African head wrap; which is lately so common placed at Ugandan weddings, you might be tempted to think it is an aspect of our culture that has merely been resuscitated – West Africa has indeed continued to be a benchmark for The Pearl of Africa.

At as low as 150,000 UGX, one can get themselves an already-made piece, and some are wrapped on for photoshoots on the go. Sabira Mulungi, a makeup artist who does a lot of functions, noticed the fad and decided to make a killing off it.

“My main customers are brides and wedding guests, and the main functions that get me clients are the customary weddings like Kwanjula.” Explains Sabira, mentioning that she is aware of the origins of the wrap, but style has no bounds.

The famous head wrap, can be donned on anything from African fabric, to a dinner dress, so it doesn’t limit creativity. Other stars like Lupita Nyong’o have rocked one before, and you too can try it out and never know you might get hooked.

Keep connected to the pulse by dialing *157# and stay updated about all the fashion trends from around the world.


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Pulse Financial Tips For a Budget Friendly Valentines 2020

By Guest writer: Mugabi Patsy.

How do you say I love you this Valentines without putting your financial health in jeopardy? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are a few tips to make it memorable without getting stressed.

Take time off together and stay indoors.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which is the most ideal time to relax and wind down. Shake off the stress of the week and do something but fulfilling to both of you. You can still make the day special even while indoors by planning a game night, binge-watching your fave movies or even setting up at-home spa night.

Put your heart into a home-cooked meal

If you missed out on a dinner reservation at a restaurant, you can still cook at home. Sharing a savory meal on this day is as simple as setting aside time to cook for or with your partner. A pro tip for the guys, a candlelit dinner will go a long way. You can also plan for breakfast in bed on the morning of February 15th.

If cooking is not your forte, then you can look for inspiration using several cooking apps like Cooking Recipes or Yummly. These also help you save money over time as opposed to eating out every night.

Get creative.

Breaking the bank should be the last thing on your mind this Valentine’s. Spill your creative juices and take a trip down memory lane. Recreate your favorite memories or create some new ones. Invest in your talents or learn a new skill together. Take a painting class .Even if you’re no Rema or Kenzo, you write a song together or play an instrument in turns , but whatever you do, throw your heart over the bar.

If you’re going out do something unexpected. 

You can avoid Valentine’s crowds and make the day more memorable by going out to a very low-key place. You can even leave notes with ideas like in a scavenger heart to make it more adventurous as you plan to spend quality time together. You are enjoying time together on a budget. Fancy but lowkey.

Plan for the near future.

As you enjoy your dinner date and bottle of wine this valentines take it a notch higher and plan for your financial health and future money plans. This is to ensure you are both on a journey to financial freedom. Talk about individual savings, joint accounts, spending plans, investing opportunities. You can also discuss the issue of debt. Did you know you can qualify for a loan of up to UGX 1,000,000 that is directly deposited to your MTN Mobile Money account using MTN MoKash?

Remember that your love is just about the two of you. Collect memories, not things and save your monies with MTN Mokash.



Pulse Tips: Quickest Skills You Can Acquire For Free On YouTube

The internet is no longer what it used to be years ago and given that we are in a new decade, we can use it for something more than just leisure. Watching music, gossip shows, football highlights and political podcasts on YouTube is fun — I actually spend half of my day doing that — but you can still acquire some serious skills from the platform. This blog post is to give you a quick insight on what skills you could achieve for free:


Ugandan photographers like Oscar Ntege have programs of tutoring and mentoring others for a specific cost and also hold photography workshops to that effect; but these cannot be afforded by a youth trying to make ends meet with a few pennies of pocket money from parents and/or guardians. YouTubers like Peter McKinnon, Manny Ortiz, Tony & Chelsea Northrup and others, will help you learn photography without spending a penny! I can attest to that; having learnt most of the things I know about photography from YouTube.

Guitar and Piano playing

PNG Piano, Marty Schwartz Guitar and many others, serve as great music tutors on YouTube. It is easy to learn a number when you can rewind and analyze an instructor’s words, and that can only be possible with YouTube – at a free cost. Beginners, intermediate players and professionals alike, all have a chance to get something new to learn from the platform. Needn’t say that my few guitar skills were acquired from YouTube.


Okay I won’t be here assuring you of how I learnt to cook from YouTube, because I can’t cook a thing. If cooking is what will save me from a firing squad, then I guess I’ll just submit my will to the Lord Executioner. Sorry for the rather intense image, but YouTube has some professional chefs that invest a lot of time and other resources to help you learn how to do things like them.

Makeup artistry

Among the content types that get creators the most money on YouTube is “beauty content” because it is on demand. For that reason, various makeup artists from all over the world upload thousands of makeup tutorials daily for your learning — for free!

Ultimately, if you are interested in acquiring skills on a budget, or rather for free, YouTube is the precise answer and with pulse bundles you will browse away in no time. Simply dial *157# to get started.