Pulse Financial Tips: Money Personalities You May Identify With or Want to Avoid

If you are fed up of money talk for one reason or another, just sit back and brace yourself because this is a topic that will not be pushed under the covers just because you are fed up of the struggle street. Money is vital; everyone needs money that’s just as plain as it is. When it comes to money and related behavior, there are so many labels attached. The reason you should read on is that we uncover these personalities that you either identify with or should avoid.

The spendthrift

Do you remember the story of the prodigal son? Yes that’s exactly what you are if you fall under this personality. The irresponsibility one bears when it comes to handling money can cost them a lot in their lives. Money isn’t something picked off a tree. People work to earn it so the least you can do after going through toil to earn your money is to handle it carefully. This eat once starve once mentality should be thrown to the pits.

The gambler

This category of people spends more than what they can afford and then spend the rest of the time trying to make ends meet. It’s a lot more like the spendthrift but this personality does not really have a plan on what to spend on. They live in the moment to satisfy their immediate wants. Whether it’s on high-risk investments, designer labels or anything that drains you of cash; they tend to operate under a cloud of secrecy.


This is a very admirable personality to have because it takes a lot of discipline to make the decision to save money periodically and strictly. Saving with a goal is different from a person who just saves so that they can have some money on their bank account even if it means going hungry for several days. Now the latter is what you should avoid. If you died of hunger who would enjoy the money sitting on your account? Did you know that the more you save with MTN MoKash the better your chances of getting small term loans with favorable loan limits and terms?


This kind is always looking for the next opportunity to invest money. People with this personality normally have speedy growth in their endeavors. They do not need much to start business, they look within their friends, find problems that they can solve with a service or product that they can bring to life.

The free spirit

People in this category identify with a number of money personalities to a degree. Some days they are spendthrifts because they have to be, sometimes they’re gamblers because they’ve got cash to blow, and sometimes they lend money to people they shouldn’t. They are a bit of a procrastinator and not a massive fan of hard work.

No one is 100% one personality. People normally have 2-3 personalities they identify with but in all this, do not be the unphased youth. That is an unclassified category for a reason. Totally dangerous for you and the people around you.

PULSE WCW: The Beautiful Simran Merali Makes 21 Today, a Glimpse Into Her Creative Arts Journey Thus Far

You’ve seen her hosting the MTN Pulse Vibe Show or probably listened to her on radio. Either time, I am sure she had your attention with her playful sweet voice that she can easily sprinkle a gangsta touch to.

Our Woman Crush today is Pawar Simran Merali (she says it’s okay to call her Simz) and she’s made 21 years old. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.


Ms Simran Merali is a radio show host on Nxt Radio (Crazy Town), a TV personality, content creator, poet, musician and rapper, an artist and in more general terms, what you’d call a Creative.

How do you afford to be this young, focused in your work and already in the skies? That’s a question that was stuck in my mind the entire time I interviewed this charismatic young lady, that is very friendly and warm by the way. She’s a complete Vibe, no doubt she’s killing that show.


She went to Agakhan Nursery, Primary and High School and is currently pursuing Journalism and Film in Media Studies at Victoria University in Uganda.

You know what they say about being passionate about your work and how that’s directly connected to success at the same. Simran may be a living example of that.0

“I am having a great time hosting MTN Pulse Vibe, the entire team and cast have been hands on in the shootings, very creative and just bring the entire vibe together.” She intimated in our interview.


She credits her production team for what she terms as “being supportive and liberating in their artistic element.”

If you’ve been following attentively, you must remember we told you or already know that she’s also a rapper – among other sets of talent. And her role model is the now international Big Tril. Not to report far away from her own words, she said she “absolutely admires” the Party After Party hit maker.

Simran is motivated by her admirers and the people in her life that have believed in her from the word go. We have seen so many youths of talent give up on their dreams probably because they’re not motivated enough to push harder, but our WCW is thankful that her motivating factors do not relent.

“A great part of my job is driven by the people that look up to me. It makes me have no excuse even when I’m at my lowest, because I’ve got to be an example.” She says.

“There’s a whole bunch of little people that have messaged me and said I’m their role model. What kind of role model would I be if I gave up?” Simran added.

She also mentioned her sister Ms Farzana Merali, her best friend Kwezi and her late grandmom whom she says have been her biggest support systems and pushed her to be the best possible version of herself and work harder.


as well as my bestfriend Kwezi who talks me Out of quitting everytime I consider it an option. And my team at crazy town, Mark, Luckie, Hindiyo, Imran, Kk, and DJ el Nicho and Melvyn, they constantly remind me about how good I am at what I do which just keeps me going. And finally, my role model, Big Trill who I absolutely admire…

Simran advises young people in the Arts Industry to understand that they may for a long time be undervalued and unappreciated heavily by people. But she quickly adds that it shouldn’t demotivate them to give up on their dreams.

“People will not want to see you succeed, and when you do, they’ll come back around and try to live off your success. Make the most of your journey to stardom, be true to yourself and your art. Be unapologetically you, and express your self through your passion.” She urged young people.

She’s very prayerful. She prays everyday to maintain her relationship with God. Simran uses most of her weekend time to dive into books – to ensure that the good works in-front of the camera rhyme with her grades at school. Proving, once again, that it is possible to balance a busy work schedule with other commitments in life and succeed at them all.

You can connect with Simran Merali on social media; @simranmerali on Instagram and @simran_merali on Twitter.
Also, religiously follow MTN Uganda (@mtnug) on all social media channels to get timely updates on her show, the MTN Pulse Vibe

How MTN is Empowering Young People to Make Their Goals And Dreams a Reality

After completing university, life is a little uncertain for many because they don’t know how to get into the job market or how to even write a curriculum vitae to compete favorably. Sometimes entry jobs have many requirements that discourage many young people from applying.

MTN started out as a small SME but it has now transformed into Africa’s leading telecommunications company operating all over the continent. Using that same dream, MTN Uganda also gives opportunities for young pulsers who have graduated to also make their dreams a reality.

The MTN Global Graduate programme was put in place to create a change in the lives of many young people who have trouble entering the job market. It provides an opportunity for pulsers to have an accelerated career path and enables them to make their dreams a reality.

The program takes on professional areas of business intelligence, digital services and customer value management. It blends the theoretical learning principles into practical ones as pulsers get to interact with experts in Africa’s leading telecommunications company.

Applications for the 2020 intake started early in November and pulsers with 1st Class and 2nd Upper degrees from the past two years in Digital marketing, Marketing, Business Administration, Commerce and Economics were called upon to apply for the program.

Successful applicants will be able to have the experience of working in an environment such as MTN while having mentorship and training from the experts in the field.

Aside from the graduate program, this year MTN awarded five lucky winners of the the MTN for Good campaign. They walked away with money, 60 GB of data for 6 months among many prizes.

Douglas Smith of Sportrise, Joseph Semayengo of Brick making, Julius Tusingwire a programmer, Brian Maw a producer and Tony Ayebare with an online butcher were the winners of the campaign.

In addition to this, MTN also does well in uplifting and supporting young talent. This has been done with the Pulse Vibe show that show cases talents such as art, music, fashion among many others. Being a platform that many young people would dream to have, they have done well to support young people in being a stepping stone to realizing their dreams.

MTN is willing to see young people transform their goals and dreams into a reality, just look out for the opportunities by following the MTN Uganda social media pages.

Pulse Movies: Movies to Enjoy This Christmas Holiday

2020 has had a bite on every form of entertainment, one would say, entertainment was the most affected sector of life by the COVID-19 pandemic. But we shall overcome!

You must probably be imagining what Christmas and that merry making season will be like without the usual merry making you’ve always had. Some relatives may, and rightly so, just stay with their families and enjoy in isolation. Coming together may stay a myth for some time until normalcy prevails.

At MTN Pulse however, we believe wherever you’ll be for the festive season, you should have some fun. That’s why, we’ve gathered some latest Hollywood releases that you can put on your bucket list and enjoy.

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (Netflix, Release Date: November 27)

If you’re into Dance, you must probably know that the Debbie Allen Dance Academy have performed their world-famous Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, inspired by the original 1892 ballet, choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with a score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky every year for a decade now.

“In the Netflix documentary, you’ll see the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making the magic happen.” Film Critic Allen Cohen says.

Black Beauty (On Disney+, Release date: November 27)

This is a Producer’s (Ashley Avis) take on on the 1877  Anna Sewell book – Black Beauty.

The film casts famous actress Kate Winslet as the voice of the titular horse. Critics believe she’ll actually be a relief for people that found it extremely traumatizing. There’s also a package for Feminism and Women Emancipation.

“Black Beauty is a scary book, full of trauma and despair, but this sixth film adaptation offers up a charming twist: both the horse protagonist and her young owner, played by Mackenzie Foy, are women!”

Lover’s Rock (On Amazon Prime Video, Release date: November 27)

Like we noted in the beginning, it is 2020 and parties are already a distant memory for us at this point, save for those that been flouting regulations.

Steve McQueen’s second installment in his Small Axe Anthology might be the closest you’ll get to that feeling.

“Running at just over 70 minutes, it’s an ode to Black joy and celebration, and one you won’t soon forget.” IMDb reported.

Superintelligence  (On HBO Max, Release date: November 26)

Superintelligence is directed by Ben Falcone, and it is Actress Melissa McCathy’s fourth record collaboration with her husband.

She plays Carol Peters, a former executive (now unemployed) who is contacted by the first ever super-intelligence (an AI trying to assess whether Earth deserves to be saved.)

James Corden, Bobby Cannavale and Brian Tyree Henry. With the way 2020 has been, we deserve this laugh people.

Uncle Frank (On Amazon Prime Video, Release date: November 25)

Uncle Frank is a make of Alan Ball, the man responsible for TV Shows like True Blood and Six Feet Under.

He presents this in a 1970s setting bringing out the tale of literature professor Frank Bledsoe (Paul Bettany), who takes a road trip with his niece Beth (Sophia Lillis) to attend his father’s funeral.

On the road from Manhattan to Creekville, South Carolina, secrets are s.hared and new acquaintances made.

Pulse Tips: How to Achieve a Balance Between Financial Discipline and Luxury

Trying to save money can feel like a prison sentence. You’ve probably been there: watching your friends head out for happy hour while you pack up to go home to a bowl of discounted noodles and non-premium TV channels. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can achieve a balance between financial discipline and luxury without necessary going through suffering Olympics and here is how;

Set money objectives. “Tuli mu struggle” should not be an excuse for you to Mize money on your yourself or recklessly spend it. Split your money into savings, disposable income and miscellaneous. Impulse buying isn’t good for a person that’s looking at striking this balance. Don’t hoard or online shop as entertainment. The things you buy won’t feel a thing when you miserably look at your account balance after. You can have fun shopping without being frugal; simply separate what you need from what you want and this will help you know what to prioritize.

We know; YOLO! but you need to diversify your description of fun. You honestly do not need to attend all those high end parties when down here is where the real party is at. I didn’t say financial discipline is fun so you need to sit back and think through all those parties you plan to attend. Are they all worth it? Will you die if you do not attend some of them? If the answer is no then you are on the right path to financial discipline. You know that common saying “As soon as you step out of your house you breathe out 100k” yeah you wouldn’t want that to be you.

All your friends are ballers? Fine! But ball within your limits. Why would you blow through your paycheck when the people you are blasting the night with are only using a portion of their money. They probably understood the concept of budgeting and you are suffering over there. Many people get uncomfortable when it comes to budgeting but you can have fun within a specified limit and trust me it is so satisfying.

Goes without saying, manage debt responsibly. Do not get a loan of whatever amount just to go spend it in a bar, that’s not wise pulser! The fun you will have in that one night is just, but for a moment. It is not worth all the stress you will have trying to pay back what didn’t yield. If you are the kind that finds it hard to save money, you can use MTN Mokash to save while earning an interest as well as take out short term loans at a reasonable fee. To activate this, simply dial *165*5#.

Having financial discipline is so liberating. Try these and you will not regret.