How To Maintain Your Hair In The Heat

In Uganda, there’s usually no hotter month than January probably because it is coupled with a lot of worrying about money. The lack of money doesn’t make the heat any better but you have to find coping mechanisms to be able to get through it all.

For the female pulsers, your hair care during this time is very crucial so here is how you can take care of your hair during this hot season:

Plait light hair
You need to plait hair styles that are light on the head because the big hair causes you to sweat a lot. Light hair also enables you to stay comfortable and manage the heat in a more friendly manner.

Let your hair out

As opposed to plaiting, you can simply leave your hair out during this time. This is very easy to maintain and style so you don’t have to stress a lot in the heat. This also gives room for your hair to aerate.

Regular oiling

You don’t want your scalp to become very dry during this time, so it is important to oil your hair as often as possible so that your hair pours stay open. You can get yourself your preferred hair oil and pay for it using MTN Momo pay and stand a chance to win a shopping spree worth UGX 1,000,000.

Use head wraps

Head wraps should be something that every girl should have in their wardrobe. They are even more important during this time because they protect your scalp and hair from having direct contact with the hot sun and Ultraviolet rays which may damage your hair. Alternatively you can also use hats as opposed to head wraps.

With just these few tips, you should be able to go through the raining days of January easily.

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Pulse MCM: Meet Okot Nerius, An Agriculture Entrepreneur And Fashion Addict

When we were growing up, farming was looked at as the profession for “poor” people because it doesn’t involve wearing any fancy clothes but rather needs you to get your hands dirty in soil. Little did we know that riches were hidden in there. A couple of years later, there’s been a plot twist among young people and Okot Ogong Nerius is one of those that have been able to to realize it.

Although he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the International University of East Africa, Nerius opted to become an entrepreneur in agriculture specializing in the growth and trade of maize and sorghum. Just like any other business, it requires a lot of commitment, patience, sacrifice and money. What may make it even more difficult is that agriculture in an unpredictable venture because it is highly dependent on weather and any slight change could cause an increase or decrease in supply which in turn have an effect on the prices in the market. But with a strong end goal in mind, Nerius has been able to succeed at his craft.

Aside from his passion in agriculture, Nerius has a strong sense of fashion. If he didn’t mention that he did agriculture, you probably wouldn’t believe it. His sense of fashion will make him stand out in a room and get ladies turning their heads. But before you get any ideas, he is taken by a queen-who to him is more of an asset than a bill. These two are the relationship goals that many pulsers look up to on social media.

In this new year, he hopes to expand his produce business by not only supplying maize and sorghum but making his own fully packaged products like millet flour and posho in Northern Uganda.
From just the entrepreneurial mindset to the relationship goals and of course the strong fashion sense, Nerius is someone you all have to follow and pick some inspiration from – dial *157# and get yourself a pulse data bundle and hit the follow button on his accounts.

Instagram: @abduneri
Twitter: @AbduNeri

Pulse WCW: Meet Michelle Rutagye The Travel Enthusiast

Whoever said you can’t enjoy your youth and still get your degree while at it, was and still is – for the lack of a better word – a buzzkill. 22 year old Michelle Rutagye, a fresh graduate of Accounting and Finance from United States International University(USIU) in Kenya, is proof that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

With an incessant penchant for traveling and hanging out, Michu as her friends call her, gravitates towards these hobbies, even when she doesn’t give them much thought,
“I love traveling for sure. It’s nice to always see new things, and experience different cultures and adventures.” Intimates the young beauty in a tone ever so calm.

“It’s hard for me to choose a favorite hangout spot since I visit many all over East Africa. It’s nice to always bring something back home, from what you experienced.” She adds.

If you love, then you surely loathe in equal measure, and Michu hates things that deter her from exploring the beauty that the universe owns.
“I hate being in one place for too long. I hate routine. It makes me dull and limits my mind.” She confided, revealing how much wander lust – like the travelers call it – deathlessly kindles in her.

With a life that involves traveling through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda rather unendingly, Miss Rutagye’s Instagram(@michelle_rutagye) never has a dull moment. So you can’t be shocked if she shares an early morning update from the shores of the snow-white coastal beaches of Diani, and then a golden hour selfie from “the land of a thousand hills” in the evening of that very day.

To you the Pulser, Michu says, “The drip is forever.” And you should stand for it like she does. You can stay inspired by her life uninterrupted, by using the super affordable Pulse data bundles. Simply dial *157# and get started.

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Pulse Financial Tips: How To Survive The Janu-Worry Fever

By Guest Writer: Mugabi Patsy

Could you possibly imagine that a January without financial worry or stress could exist? One where you kick start your journey of financial independence and actually secure the bag? especially after what 2019 Detty December had to offer us. From the festivities to parte after parte memories and making merry. The aftermath of the long holiday enjoyments has slowly kicked in and it really shows with and in our wallets! But not to worry, this article has 5 great tips to help you ball on a budget or rather survive January.

Kiss Your 2019 Debt goodbye

If you are in the habit of taking credit in form of loans or credit cards, you need to plan to tackle the debt early lest history repeats itself in 2020.You should consider clearing all pending debts before taking on more debt to have a solid foundation in your financial independence journey.

Pay Yourself First

For any income that comes to you, even from your side hustle, you need to start paying yourself first before spending it on enjoyment ku enjoyment. It is a motivating factor to survive financial stress and kick out all this Janu-worry.

Have Savings Goals

If you have not already jumped onto the 52-week-savings challenge wagon, there’s no better time to do this than now. There are several resources that empower you to be financially independent January to January. Try out the 52-week savings challenge and vet if you won’t be able to achieve your goals. But, these goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Create a SMART Budget

A budget isn’t a constraint to your fun, it is an enabler. This means all the fun you indulge in shouldn’t hold you back from the unending enjoyment plans. If anything , budgets give you  a clearer perspective on tracking your expenses and cutting back on all the unnecessary stuff.

Get a financial accountability partner

Having like minded people who share the vision of financial independence are detrimental to achieving a balance between living in the moment and saving for the future.

On that note, dial *157# to ball on the most budget friendly bundles and survive the Janu-worry blues.


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Pulse MCM: Meet CEO of Akamere256, Phillip Mukasa Making a Fortune From Food

Some families till date alienate boys from certain house chores, especially cooking but after seeing the amazing art Mukasa puts into preparing food, I guess this is something that has taken a turn over the years.

You have probably seen ‘Akamere256’, a venture that started in July 2019; after he finished school, pop up on any of your socials or being mentioned by someone you know, Well, it is owned by Phil as known by most people. He picked his inspiration to start from his friends. “The comments from my friends after eating my food whenever they came over to chill and catch up at my place made me think deeply about it.” He said.

Starting a venture might be easy but keeping it going is what’s challenging. Phil picks his daily inspiration from the love and interest he has in cooking for others. He also loves the idea of being gainfully employed by himself. His biggest push is his dream to be the leading provider of quality food services in Uganda.

Just like any business, he has had a few challenges but the most pressing being that he is the only staff. Imagine being CEO, the chef, accountant, receptionist, working long hours etc and still provide mouth-watering food to your clients. Impressive, right? He hopes to employ fellow young people starting this year.

“My advice to pulsers would be that if you are trying to venture into something, make that step in life despite the negativity from others and your financial status. Start small and move at your pace but always make sure you give the best results cause they count.” He said.

Is there a better way to begin the decade than on an inspirational level? This should be a year to break limits and stereotypes. Pick a leaf from Phil. Dial *157*20# to Load pulse data bundles and follow him on twitter @Akamere256. He might be the guy serving you food at any of the social events you might attend.