Pulse WCW: Meet Barely 20 Years CEO Of A Beauty Store, Naffer Khan

This generation has a plethora of information and opportunities at its disposal compared to previous ones and, Naffer Khan a CEO of a beauty store at barely 20 years of age is proof of that. A chocolate addict that loves life and music, the air Naffer breathes reeks of positive vibes, and she is such a joy to be around.

“Rule number one: never be number two.” Is the credo by which the young Hijabi lives, and this helps her choose her posse wisely.

Miss Khan understands the efficacy of care and she never ignores the effort of a person trying to keep in touch. It’s not all the time that someone cares, you know!

And as this era comes with lots of information and infinite opportunities, it’s youths are also prone to challenges like depression. To the pulser out there, you can learn from Miss Khan’s advice to never succumb to depression. Fight on till you beat it. Keep friends who are willing to listen to your problems and wipe your tears as well as offer you advise. Life is too short, and as they say, You Only Live Once.

You can keep up with the sensation via her Instagram account @nafferkhan, using the all new Freedom Bundles which never expire, by dialing *150*7#

Pulse WCW: Meet Miss Estah And Her Inspiring International Modeling Career

“Stop! Never second-guess yourself”, is by far the deepest quote I’ve read this week, and guess who it comes from: Miss Estah. With a quick check on her Instagram profile, you can’t see much in terms of a bio, save for a link to her YouTube channel, but it is after you subscribe to the petite beauty’s Instagram updates that you get to know what she is made of.

A poet who doesn’t toss the word around as one, Estah gets you captivated with her captions, and very deep photography concepts. Her physique also aids her to look great in about any cloth there is. There’s always that great finesse about Afro-Asian ladies and the “Ugandan At Heart” international model effortlessly exudes it every single time. Miss Estah is half Ugandan and half Asian

Estah travels as far as Kazakhstan and Russia to model, but she doesn’t stop at getting modeling and influencing gigs only. She also hosts events.

With her chiseled face, and ‘very outgoing’ cheekbones like she endearingly calls them; Miss Estah doesn’t look for the perfect lighting to get a perfect selfie – it looks for her! Anyone would appreciate to be a star in her constellation.

The well-published and traveled model is inspiration to the young pulsers out there, that school is still very important even while following your dreams talent-wise. She managed to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Diplomacy from China Foreign Affairs University regardless of her very tight schedule.

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How To Channel Energy To Concentrate On Exams

It is exam season for most of the pulsers in university and I know that it comes with a lot of pressure because of the fear of failing your exams. Exam time also comes with a lot of panicking because you barely read during the semester and you are now saving the semester at the last minute. So here is how you can channel that energy into your exams.

Prioritize your time

Once you realize that you have no time to read for your exam and your only resort is to fatten the bull on the market day, prioritize your time. It is important that you accept the importance of your exams so that you give them maximum time and attention. There should be less destruction for you during this time because you number one priority is to pass.

Take breaks

As much as the pressure for exams may be over the top, be sure to take breaks in between your reading. This is important so that you keep a leveled head when reading and also when writing exams. You do not want to read all day and then fall asleep in the exam because you exhausted your brain. However, your breaks should not take the whole day because then you can easily lose focus. Ever heard someone say their answers evaporated? It’s usually such scenarios that lead to that.

Remember to eat

Eating healthy and nutritious food during the exam time is important for brain stimulation. It also helps you to deal with the exam anxiety that you might be having. Eat healthy to keep a healthy mind for the exams.

Have happy thoughts!

As silly as this may sound, most of the anxiety and uncertainty in exams comes from negative thoughts that cause you to worry and panic. However, replace these thoughts with positive thoughts to encourage yourself so that you can read with no destruction.

Remember, you are not the first one to do exams so passing is not a myth. Give you best as you write your exams. Success to you all.


How Pulse Has Aided Gad Roger’s Hustle

The world has grown very competitive because of changes in population and scarcity of our resource envelope. But with hard work, commitment and passion in doing your work, any hurdle can be overcome. That summarizes the story of Gad Rogers, a youthful social media influencer.

If you are a consistent follower of MTN activities online, Gad should not be a new face for you. If not the face, at least the handle @gad_rogers.

He is a social media influencer, an usher, peer educator and commercial model. Gad has used the online space to not only grow his presence online and promote his personal brand but also earn a living.

“I believe that in life we are all drivers. For my case (and my colleagues) our vehicles are our mobile phones and laptops. Our fuel is data.” Gad told MTN Pulse.

He said that he has been so lucky that MTN Pulse data bundles were introduced to aid guys like him in their line of work. “Otherwise, it would be really hard to keep up.” He said.

“Pulse Bundles are unique, on top of the main data, they have a SWIFT package and the daily bundle is always just Shs 1,000. Most of my work is on social media and SWIFT covers that.” Gad described the offer.

He thanked MTN for maintaining SWIFT within the Pulse bundles even after the package was almost totally wiped out when Over The Top services started getting taxed.

Gad acknowledged that the journey is not smooth and that there are challenges here and there but he’s persisting.

“One of the challenges my colleagues and I face is tax. In as much as we appreciate the government spirit of raising income, we think something can be done to take away the burden of having to pay OTT to access social media. If anything can be done even to lessen it, we would be grateful.” He said.

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Talk And Vibe More With More Supu Voice Bundles

From way back, there have always been seasons where we talk more on phone than other times because our basama friends and relatives are back and there’s a lot to plan and catch up on. That season for me has always been the festive season and what a perfect time for MTN to unveil the More supu daily Voice Bundles because that time is just around the corner.

Festive season aside, there is always a new party around the block and we always want to unwind with our crew but sometimes “insufficient airtime” cuts us short while giving directions. But the good news is that we can now communicate better at extremely affordable rates. Imagine making phone calls across networks using perfectly priced voice bundles. MTN has come to our rescue with these exciting bundles. In case you are wondering, here is what you need to know about the More Supu voice bundles;

  • The offer is currently running
  • You will be able to make phone calls across networks at no additional cost
  • To activate a daily voice bundle, just dial *160*21#
  • You can buy as many minutes as you like for yourself or any other MTN customer.


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