Pulse News: MTN Marathon “Gulu Run” Attracts 3,000 Runners Ahead of the Main Marathon

On Sunday morning, the erstwhile quiet town of Gulu came alive courtesy of MTN Uganda as the newly paved Kaunda Grounds played host to a crowd of 3,000 plus as the second leg of the MTN Marathon Series came to Northern Uganda’s most famous town.

It was a spectacle to behold as runners young and old from as far as Adjumani, Amudat, Apac, Arua, Kitgum and Lira came to take part in a unifying sport that is arguably the easiest form of exercise to keep one fit and healthy.

For the budding elite runners, they came from not only Gulu and Lira but from far flung Sebei, Kapchorwa, Kwen and Bukwo districts, which have all been instrumental in producing some of Uganda’s greatest athletes.

They all came here for a piece of the cake on offer in terms of podium finishes and cash prizes, but in the end, it was the Uganda Police team that took most of the honours.

As a unit, they swept four out of the twelve podium places on offer; Chemutai Vincent and Rotich Isaac finished 1st and 2nd in the Men 5KM category as Chemutai Rael took 2nd place on the Women’s podium. Cherob Alex and Chelimo Ruth both took 2nd place in the 10KM Men and Women’s category respectively.

Gulu runners were well represented in the top ten finishes but had the unfortunate chance of having only one runner finish in a podium position as Apio Franka finished 3rd in the 10KM Women category.

When MTN Uganda started the regional runs this year, one could not fathom the successful outcome that they would have had so far. According to the MTN Uganda Sponsorship and Events Manager Mr. John Paul Okwi, by Friday 09.11.2018 the two thousand (2,000) kits that were set aside for the Gulu run had run out.

At the run, MTN Marathon partners and sponsors Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Stanbic Bank, Huawei Uganda, Vision Group and SPEDAG were present courtesy of their regional executives and representatives.

Hon Norbert Mao and Gulu Local Council V Chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi were in attendance both thanked MTN Uganda for bringing the MTN Marathon Series to Gulu and looked forward to the next.

At the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Australia in April 2018, Uganda finished with six medals – three gold, one silver and two bronze. Omony Okot, the Vice President of the Uganda Athletics Federation noted that with five of these six medals being won in the athletics category, the future of Ugandan athletics will be bright as long as budding runners turn up and take part in such runs.

With two runs done – one in Mbale on Sunday 04.11.2018 and Gulu today, the turnout at both these events has indeed shown the increasing need to develop, showcase and promote the budding athletics talent around Uganda on a larger scale.


Pulse News: Mun*G entertains MTN Marathoners in Mbale

The MTN Marathon Season started in Mbale on Sunday with thousands turning up for the 2nd edition of the MTN Mbale road race. Nearly 2,000 people turned up for the MTN Mbale National Championships that were flagged off at the Maluku grounds, Mbale. The majority of the people participated in the 10kms road race, leaving the 21kms half marathon to the elite runners mostly from Sebei region. The marathon was flagged off by Omukuka Mushikori Bob of the Inzu Ya Masaba at 8:00am on Sunday, 4th November 2018. 

Last month, MTN announced that it would be having the first Marathon Season that includes runs in Mbale, Gulu and Mbarara before the main MTN Kampala Marathon. The regional race Mbale is one of the most competitive runs, especially for the elite runners. It is no surprise that several athletics clubs sent some of their best elite runners to participate. Additionally, of all the three regional runs, it is only Mbale that has the 21kms half marathon. For the Gulu and Mbarara runs, it is only the 10kms road race.

Doreen Chessang from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) club took the honours in the Women’s 21kms half marathon. She completed the race in 1hour 17 minutes and 28 seconds. The 2017 Mbale Half Marathon champion, Emily Chebet the UPDF club finished second slightly over a minute later. Chemutai Vanis from the Uganda Prisons club finished third.
In the Men’s Half Marathon the top five slots were shared between KCCA Athletics Club and the Uganda Police Force Athletics Club. Rotich Maxwell from KCCA won the half marathon in 1 minute three minutes and 46 seconds. Musau Martin from Uganda Police finished second and Mutai Alex from KCCA finished third. 

Doreen Chessang

The top 10 from the 10kms and 21kms all walked away with prize money.
The collections made from the kit registration are expected to be used to support the improvement of maternal health in Eastern Uganda. The next regional road race takes in Gulu on Sunday 11th November 2018.

Winners top 5
21kms women
1.    Doreen Chessang – UWA – 1:17:28
2.    Chebet Emily – UPDF – 1:18:56
3.    Chemutai Vanis – Prisons – 1:19:20
4.    Cheptegei Rebecca- UPDF – 1:20:31
5.    Chebet Prisca – Police – 1:20:49

21kms men
1.    Rotich Maxwell – kcca – 1:03:46
2.    Musau Martin – Police – 1:04:08
3.    Mutai Alex – KCCA – 1:04:39
4.    Kwemoi Victor – Police: 1:05:04
5.    Cherop Sam – Police 1:05:13

10kms Men
1.    Kurong Moses – Police
2.    Chepkurui Mathew – police
3.    Chebet Abel – Police
4.    Chepuref Ali – KCCA
5.    Cherop Alex – Police

10kms Women
1.    Chemutai Belinda – prisons
2.    Chebet Betty – Arua
3.    Chessang Annette – UWA
4.    Chekwoi Teddy – KCCA
5.    Chebet Scarlet – Scarlet

Mun*G entertaining marathoners