Pulse WCW: Get Your Travel Desires Tickled by Mwaj Ahmed

Instagram is one app that either inspires you, or makes you envious; depending on your personality. By far one of the best traveled instagram personalities in Uganda among the young blood, is fashionista Mwaj Ahmed. The Mwajz Store CEO has had trips to The Vatican, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Nigeria, Thailand, Seychelles Islands, all major East African cities, and many more.

She and her girlfriends popularly known as the traveling girlfriends also (@travelinggirlfriends) on instagram have made it a routine to celebrate special days in their life by visiting select destinations across the world. Aren’t these friendship goals?

Like I said earlier, depending on the kind of person you are, you will either be inspired or filled with envy after going through Mwaj’s insta. The fair-hearted will love her outfits, and the way she documents her perspective of the beautiful scenery she encounters on her tours. On the other side of the coin, unkind souls will go on and on about how such a young girl would afford such expensive trips.

Presidential suites and five-star hotels are not uncommon in Mwaj’s life, and the young beauty queen is definitely an inspiration for any young Ugandan who would love to travel the world.

If you are like me, and your travel adrenaline is tickled by the updates by this damsel, it is not a bad idea that you save up and start by visiting the amazing places in Uganda, if you can’t afford crossing the border as yet.

You can follow more of her on instagram by checking out @mwaj_ahmed but first you will need a pulse bundle which you can get by dialing *157*20#