Pulse Sports: KAVC Trophy Tour

Following their win in the just concluded NSSF KAVC International Volleyball Tournament, the oldest volleyball club in Uganda, KAVC, held a trophy tour across Kampala.

The team led by their head coach Shilla Omuriwe Buyungo joined by international star Kathbart Malinga and Daudi Okello, stopped by offices of their main sponsors, NSSF.

Speaking at the event, Shilla said they had promised to fight for the trophy and keep it home “We are glad we are bringing it here to present it to you as the main sponsors of the tournament”.

They handed over the trophy to NSSF Deputy MD, Patrick Ayota who thanked the team and said he had learnt a lot from the tournament.

“My biggest lesson from the game was that size and height is not strength. You do not have to be the tallest or biggest to win. You must hang in there to the end. Even when you were two games down, you fought and eventually won,” Ayota told the KAVC team.

KAVC who last won the trophy in 2011, beat Kenya’s APR 3-0 in the semi-final before stopping Rwanda’s Gisagara Volleyball Club 3-2 in a strongly contested final.