Pulse WCW: Meet NTV’s Sandra, the Fast Growing Media Personality

Sandra Kahumuza Twinoburyo is someone you’d refer to as best of the best. Remember Malvolio in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night when he reads in a letter, the quote “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em”? Well, in the second part Ms Kahumuza falls and is it taking her long? Absolutely not!

Our WCW today is one of the reasons millions of viewers across the country and abroad are glued to Serena based NTV whenever it is news o’clock. Kahumuza went to Bweranyagi Girls SSS in Bushenyi District for her secondary education and Makerere University for her Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication. In 2017, before she even completed her course, she emerged the best English News Anchor in the Inter – University Media Challenge and from there she has never looked back.

Her passion, commitment and persistence to be better has since seen her go around Record TV, City TV, among other Media stations in no particular order before she finally landed her current job and if you ask me, the lady is still rising. Just over a year since she graduated and she has already hit such milestones, where will she be in 2030?

Ms Kahumuza says that growing up, she had always been fascinated by how people would come together to listen to news. “Everything would have to stop when the news came on in the evenings. I realized how important current information was to the lives of people and I wanted to be that person that shared the news and that’s how I ended up in Journalism”, she told Pulse.

She re-echoes the magic in a good network of helpful people as the core factor of her success thus far. “A friend informed me of the opportunity at NTV and I quickly put together my CV and delivered it. Fortunately I had most of the attributes they where looking for”

The fabulous news anchor says the undergraduate degree is not enough for her and she will soon upgrade to a postgraduate because according to her, “these digital times change a lot” and she doesn’t want to be left behind.
“I also want to mentor talent in the Journalism and Communication industry” she added.

She advises young Pulsers to give everything they do their very best because everything falls in place once you don’t stop at the bare minimum and aim higher. She wants to be remembered for honest, accurate and balanced journalism because that is her driving factor.

You can catch Kahumuza doing what she does best on NTV using MTN data bundles on the Star Times app to better appreciate her craft or use Pulse data to login to Twitter and follow her works and updates @STwinoburyo.


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Next Big Star: Meet Lynda Ddane the Bubbly Comedienne With a Unique Craft

Uganda has come a long way with diversifying genres and avenues of comedy, and when Martha Kay started up with the social media video sketches, some thought it was just a craze that would fade away in no time. But as things turn out, we have witnessed another force to reckon with in that sphere. Kampala’s Kigali girl, Lynda Ddane has expanded social media comedy to horizons Martha hadn’t explored, and also, she is now an On Air Personality on the big screen.

I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that anyone who can manage to land a joke in only 60 seconds or less, is not only talented but a genius. Lynda’s juxtaposition of witty and dark humor into her art keeps people smiling in the saddest of times, and her sophisticated jesting on political topics makes her craft even more appealing.

Lynda’s modeling career too is an inspiration to many young girls who would like to be “the girl in the magazine”, and she does it both commercially and digitally. She is also an East Africa Community travel ambassador.

All these self-induced achievements lured NTV into making her one of the presenters of their The Beat music show, and the talented beauty hasn’t done anything but impress; one month down the road.

Anyway I don’t want to be here all singing Miss Ddane’s praises without letting you know how to witness everything on your own. Watch her show every weekday on NTV via StarTimes, by dialing *165*4*7# to buy MTN TV bundles or you could enjoy her funny videos on instagram with the pulse bundles by checking her out @lynda_ddane.

Next Big Star: Meet Tracy Kababiito the Fresh Bee in Uganda’s Media Industry

Tracy Kababiito is a student at Ugandan Christian University doing a bachelors degree in mass communication. The 22 year old proud mutooro has risen in the Ugandan media from being a host on 106.1 Jazz fm to being a host of NTV the beat and she is still on the rise. She is confident not only in her speech but also in her actions. Tracy joined NTV the beat through a popular vote from people after she submitted her video to be a host for the show. She is a natural at what she does.

Tracy also won the best TV presenter one minute of fame award from the media challenge initiative shortly before she joined NTV. She has kept it real from the very moment she joined the media industry so things like cyber bullying and people talking about her size are not enough to put her down from being good at what she does.  She has been able to interview people like Awilo, Nasty C, Aka, Sheebah, Bebe Cool among many others.

Aside from the limelight, she is also CEO of Tugonzagane foundation; a charity organisation which helps to give back to the community.  She is a loving and caring person with a tight circle of friends whom she has had right from her time in primary and high school.

The sky is not the limit for her because she being able to juggle school and work is no bed of roses. She is also enthusiastic about what she does and surely nothing is going to get in her way to get to the top.

In a couple of years, aside from doing her masters, we will probably see her hostig her own talk show and see her organisation grow even more.

Pulse Celebrity Birthday: NTV’s graceful Josephine Karungi celebrates her Birthday today

Popular but quite reserved NTV Uganda’s Head of News and host of Perspective With Josephine Karungi (PWJK) celebrates her birthday today.

Born and raised in the capital, Ms. Karungi is one of, if not the best media personality qualified in her profession with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Makerere University.

According to an interview she had on Celeb Select talk show at Sanyu Fm with a renown but now a retired Radio star Crystal Newman, Ms. Karungi grew up in a family with a reading background and this instilled in her a deep reading culture that became part of her daily life.

Ms. Karungi has used her platform in the media industry to positively impact the society through tackling different issues of interest on her PWJK show which she hosts every Sunday at 8:05 pm.

From all of us at MTN Pulse, we wish you a lovely birthday JK, and we hope you will continue doing an excellent work in journalism while inspiring thousands of youth who look up to you. Cheers!