Pulse MCM: Meet Derick, the Ambitious and Fashionable CEO of Peak Shots

We have seen so many pulsers around doing amazing things but Derick is here to beat odds at all costs. Derick Aine is one of the ambitious youths you’ll be grateful to know. Having recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, he shelved this degree for a while to pursue what he was passionate about and that is photography. He is the proprietor and founder of PEAK SHOTS, a photography company.  Just like any other new venture, it was not easy for Derick at the start but he pressed on because to him giving up is never an option.

When asked what inspired him to start, he said “ What inspired me is the fact that everyone has to start at one point in time and I always believe that the fear to start is the beginning of failure in life.” Derick is very appreciative of the team he works with. He says they are a nice one. But most of all, he appreciates his clients.

Aside his ambitious self, in his free time he enjoys football, making friends, eating and of course photography. Imagine a foodie that is a photographer? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?! Derick is all these things but his love for fashion cannot go unnoticed. He loves a clean, dapper, sleek look. When asked what keeps him going, he said, “All is well and all will be well. It calms me down anytime anything does not feel right.

There wasn’t a better person to crush on today than an ambitious, fashionable lad. To take a look at his work, all you need is to load a pulse bundle and check him out on instagram at @theainederick.