INTERVIEW: Tracing Pius Enywaru’s Journey in Photography

Many young people continue to take on photography; some as a hobby, while others as a profession. But all in all, it requires passion.

MTN Pulse caught up with 23-year-old Pius Enywaru (@enywaru on Twitter) for an interview about his journey in photography.

Here are the excerpts:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m called Pius Enywaru, an Itesot born and raised in Uganda. I grew to appreciate technology at an early age and I not only adapted to it quite early but I love writing about It in my free time. I’m a tech blogger,  a fine cook, a reader , a traveler, I love The Chainsmokers and when I’m listening to their music, I love drinking Guinness forever and always.

When I’m not doing my daily Digital PR jobs and living most of my life online, I busk myself in taking photos of just about anything and sleeping.

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos since childhood but I only got to know what I was doing reasonably about 5 years ago. In my campus days, I would ask my friends for their cameras and phones to take photos of just about anything. Some refused while others willingly gave me. It was the kickstart to what started as a Joke and is now a breadwinner.

Why did you pick an interest in photography?

Growing up, I’ve always love art and speechless beauty which speaks volumes. I tried venturing into fine art way  back in High school but I was terrible ( Even though my mum kept on believing in me andtelling me how I was cool, I knew I was wack). When I learnt and saw how folks were taking great images out there, I fell in love with the subtle art and immediately decided what when I can someday, I’ll do just that!

Did you study photography?

Nope, I did some really boring and tiring business course. Photography for me is a Passion and a dream I’m following!

What kind of photography do you do?

I’ve always wanted to be versatile but I’ve been pretty good at nature photography. However, when I was starting out, I was a news photographer taking photos at events and it’s of late that I’m spreading out. I wish to do a wedding photo shoot someday.

What inspires you as you take photos?

At times, I take photos when I’m lonely (yeah right, it happens to us all yo) and want to be preoccupied with something. This has since grown into a routine and every when I have a chance, I take photos. However, man I need the money most times, so the money plays a major role too! Also, I hope to win some accolades someday so I put in all my best!

Which is the best photo you have ever taken?

There’s an International Media House that used my photo that I took during the Presidential elections of 2016 and didn’t credit me. I reached out to them and they were professional about it, they chose to pay me and in turn I would not cause any drama online. They also asked that I don’t disclose them!

That aside, I’ve had many great shots that I’ve taken!

Photo by Pius Enywaru
Photo by Pius Enywaru
Photo by Pius Enywaru
Photo by Pius Enywaru
Photo by Pius Enywaru
Photo by Pius Enywaru

Which popular people have you photographed?

I’ve taken photos of Sheba Karungi, Maurice Kirya, Fik Fameica and of many more dignitaries in both the Entertainment space and others.

What makes you a good photographer?

I love to capture story telling moments. I love for those seeing my photos to also feel love within themselves while they see my photos. When I set out to shoot, I think and know I’m a good photographer because I shoot for the future memories.

What advice would you give someone interested in taking up that profession?

Start right away. Just the thought of wanting to start should be enough motivation for you to start. Along the way, we tremble, fall, pick ourselves and be better the next day. It’s a process!