Learn By Sharing

Hello reader, have you ever wondered how the internet works? Instead of waiting for content to show up on your online news feed, resolve to contribute to other news feeds. The same way we like receiving, we should also learn to give. I challenge you to share everything you learn you will notice a boost in your knowledge retention, number of followers online, self-esteem and your brain power.

You read a lot online daily and when you learn something and share it, it sticks better in your brain as you explain it to your friends, followers and the entire online community. We all know that sharing is caring but this is not just sharing material stuff but knowledge too.

I recently started sharing most of my reading and analysis experiences with people around me and in turn, I noticed the good this has done. Whenever I gave anyone a lecture about what I have experienced or learnt, in most cases, they also gave me one. This has helped me improve myself and also improve others.

How you can start this. With MTN Pulse, you can now access cheaper and faster internet to read more, learn more and share more. Personally, I can’t say I have shared knowledge with millions of people yet but rather, I have started with my followers, connections, friends, workmates, acquaintances, business partners both online and offline. At the start, I feared to share my thoughts, knowledge, content and opinions online. I always felt like my content wasn’t good enough and would receive heavy criticism. I overcame that fear eventually by starting with just a few sentences accompanied by pictures on my social media platforms and to date and worked my way upwards. Just as I have shared this with you, anything you may take away from my many words, kindly care enough to share with at least 1 person either verbally or in your online networks.

Knowledge, when shared with others, travels wide and far as it creates a ripple effect with immeasurable reach. With Pulse, Lets Share With #NoFear.

Pulse Celebrity Birthday: NTV’s graceful Josephine Karungi celebrates her Birthday today

Popular but quite reserved NTV Uganda’s Head of News and host of Perspective With Josephine Karungi (PWJK) celebrates her birthday today.

Born and raised in the capital, Ms. Karungi is one of, if not the best media personality qualified in her profession with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Makerere University.

According to an interview she had on Celeb Select talk show at Sanyu Fm with a renown but now a retired Radio star Crystal Newman, Ms. Karungi grew up in a family with a reading background and this instilled in her a deep reading culture that became part of her daily life.

Ms. Karungi has used her platform in the media industry to positively impact the society through tackling different issues of interest on her PWJK show which she hosts every Sunday at 8:05 pm.

From all of us at MTN Pulse, we wish you a lovely birthday JK, and we hope you will continue doing an excellent work in journalism while inspiring thousands of youth who look up to you. Cheers!

Pulse Photos: What You Missed at “TakeABreak” Road trip to Lake Mburo National park

On Saturday 27th October, #TakeABreak, a community of vibrant youthful tourists and explorers set off for the Mbarara- Lake Mburo road trip experience from the City Square  Kampala. The journey that was full of life, interactions, networking, companion and all amazing jazz about wildlife had thirty (30) people on board both backpackers and adventure fanatics.

#TakeABreak tour bus was full to capacity

First stop over of the road trip was at the Equator located at Kikutuzi-Mpigi District, Kayabwe from where the first bunch of souvenirs of the trip were bought at the crafts shops and creating memories at the Equator monument with cool photos through the lens of Kab Derrick, Frost Pro and @256mkyotara (What’s a trip without photography anyway?)

The Second pause of day one was in Lukaya to fest on the famous road side mouthwatering  roasted chicken.

Stop over at Lukaya

After spending enough amazing hours at lukaya, the awesome journey proceeded upto the third and final stop over of day one in Biharwe Eclipse 1520 AD Monument  for rock climbing and a courtesy visit to the monument; which is believed to be a prayer point because of its strategic location in a quiet place and also an eclipse historical site and we would latter leave for Mbarara town where we spent the night and checking out various top  night hangout spots in the town with Club Vegas in Mention.

The following day after morning preparations, we set off  from Mbarara at around 11:30am and arrived at Lake Mburo National Game Park  at around 1:00pm and checked in for a game drive where we were warmly welcomed by the playful simians (Read monkeys) and we were able to sight and learn about the  different wild animals like the Giraffes, Zebras,Buffaloes and much more plus having a feel of the beautiful scenery in the park upto late in the evening when we left the park for a return journey.

Preparations before setting off for Lake Mburo

On the way to the park

Find more photos here; 

Drake’s “In My Feelings Shiggy Challenge” Pulse Edition

Can You Do Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge Better? Here is How to Submit Your Video

Canadian singer Drake set the internet to ablaze after releasing the video of “in my feelings” off his Scorpion album.

The song has from then seen a lot of internet users’ dance to it in what is called the “shiggy challenge/ kiki challenge”, a number of celebrities, footballers among other dignitaries are dancing to the song and posting to their social media pages.

It’s from there, that MTNPulse has also decided to give an opportunity to pulsers to join the shiggy challenge and show off their talent.

So if you think you can challenge other dancers, record yourself dancing to the song and send the video to +256774781213. Your video will be featured on MTNPulse microsite and social media pages.

The original concept of the challenge is to walk outside a vehicle and dance in ongoing traffic; however for pulsers, the challenge is open and you can record your video from anywhere.

Watch some of the celebrities dancing to the song here.


PULSE CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Radio Sweetheart Prim Asiimwe Aging Gracefully In The Media Fraternity

Former Miss Uganda contestant, Prim Mima Asiimwe, who has over the past 6 years amassed love from Ugandans; for her role as lead host of the Evening Rush Show on local urban youth radio station, Galaxy FM, was born today.

The self-proclaimed supermodel, who has a signature English discourse on the predominantly Luganda station is a big name among the youthful girls, and all guys that love nice-looking celebrities.

Prim is a mother of one, whose bomb body still makes countrymen rack their brains on how she does it to maintain the perfect silhouette – she has such a knack for looking good in photos.

Sad news to suitors though, Miss. Asiimwe has a spouse: and that’s celebrated comedian Alex Muhangi of Comedy Store.

Ultimately, we at MTN Pulse say Happy Birthday, Prim.

Credit; Guest Writer: Bash Mutumba