PULSE WCW: Makerere’s Angella Atwiine, a Photographer with a Dream to Heal the World

It is a common thing among many University finalists that they will think and worry about what they will do next after they walk out the campus gates.

And for a Journalism and Communication student like Atwiine, the final year is always about seeking connections to which media house they will work or which communications company is the best around Kampala so they can join them.

But for Amate (as friends like to call her), she has invested her time into photography, poetry and volunteer works.

Amate is a 4th year student of Journalism and Communication majoring in Communication.

She says she wants to help as many people as she possibly can especially children and to be the change that is needed in the society she lives.

“I want to heal the world in any way possible,” she says.

Currently, Amate volunteers at the cancer institute in Mulago and at the Ghetto film project based in naguru.

She teaches and mentors ghetto kids and street kids on how to better their lives and improve their standards of living.

“I am a strong believer in giving and caring for people. I also strongly believe in God.”

About her career as a photographer, Amate says photography is story telling and a way of expressing our emotions.

“Photography is the silent sermon. I photograph the poetry I cannot write,” she said.

To other pulsers, Amate advises them to; “do something you are passionate about and be kind to other people.”

Below, we sample some of her photography works

A cancer survivor performing at the Childhood Cancer Day.
Life in the slums of Kisenyi
Games played by kids in slums


PULSE WCW: Power FM’s Faith Mulungi Wants to Start a Rehabilitation Centre for Rape Victims

If you have ever tuned in to 104.1 Power FM in the late afternoon hours, you must have heard the strikingly beautiful voice of Faith Mulungi (Omulungi Hawt as she prefers to call herself) on air.

Together with her co-host John Nkore, the duo has redefined Christian radio, Christian entertainment with their versatility in hosting and needless to mention, their humorous jokes and online presence that keep listeners glued to their show.

Aside from her career as a radio personality, Mulungi is an events emcee, and strong activist for equal and fair treatment of all.

In the quest to understand and expose the ladies who are in the ‘driving seats’, MTN Pulse caught up with Mulungi who was in a rush for a meeting but spared some time for a quick chat.

Who is Faith Mulungi?

Born and raised in Kampala, Mulungi hails from the Eastern Uganda District Iganga. She is a daughter to Mariah Kajubi Nabyonga and Badru Waduuka both of whom are teachers by profession.

As a young girl, she says, she attended Omega Nursery and Primary School, City View High School and Kololo SSS before joining Makerere University Kampala where she graduated from in 2013.

“I studied two degrees concurrently; a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences majoring in Public Administration and a degree in Christian and Servant Leadership under Compassion International’s Leadership Development Program (LDP),” she said.

Why Radio?

Traditionally, Radio would be for graduates of journalism and other closely related courses but Mulungi says; “Radio chose me.”

“Much as I had admired the media while growing up. It never occurred to me that I would once be part of it.

“Now that I am here, radio is a very warm place to live and grow in God with your listeners. I serve as the online producer and also host the Drive Time show with my vibrant co-host Nkore John every week day 3-7PM,” she continued to narrate.

Prior to joining radio, Mulungi said, she was “a content writer, digital account manager and as if a journalist with an online News Portal, Ugo Uganda.”

Joining Radio

“Haha, well I had failed a voice test 3 years before but stayed an ardent listener. I later got a call from Rachel Mwine to try again and I passed.

“I went through training and was thrown into the deep end [laughs]”

Faith will be making three years of working on radio this year. She plans to stay on radio “for as long as the opportunity is available.”

“Radio is a very good platform for growth, exposure and positive influence,” she says.

Are you in a relationship?

“Oba.. [smiles]. I am in one with Jesus.”

Who inspires you?

“Cliche as this sounds Christ!

“Humanly, everyone willing to become a better version of themselves, fighting to make the world a better place, hustling to survive, those inspire me a lot.”

Asked about her future prospects, Mulungi revealed that she looks at starting Rape victims’ rehabilitation centre, and plans to go back to school for a Certification in Marketing.

She also eyes a slot on international radio or Television.