TRAVEL: Five Undertakings Pulsers Can do in Jinja

Jinja has for years been labeled as the capital of adventure and fun. If you’re a pulser looking for pure relaxation and total de stress take a trip to Jinja.

Home to the Source of the Nile also well known to be the longest river in the world, one cannot avoid to be wooed by the beauty of Jinja from the spectacular physical features to the awesome activities assembled for you to enjoy.

This has surely attracted multitudes of people and as a pulser, you can’t afford to miss out on the thrilling packages jinja has to offer.

Below is a list of undertakings to do in Jinja

Zip Lining

Visiting Griffin falls camp in Mabira forest for Zip linning is one of those activities you should look out for.

It’s an activity that will give you a sensible reason to face your fear of heights because of the thrilling moments it offers.

One has to undertake 6 lines on trees that are 80 meters apart and 40 meters high.

Each person has to pay an amicable price of UGX 60,000.

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Bungee Jumping

To many it’s a White man’s activity but that’s not true. You as a pulser can enjoy it as much as the white people enjoy it.

Like the African proverb goes “one who undertakes the bravest challenge can seat among men”.

It’s the one activity you do to prove that you no longer fear heights.

The procedure is that you register at the reception then you stand on a weighing scale and later your results are written at the back of your palm with a marker.

From there you are told to sit while one of the men tie both your legs at ankles level with a thick strap. Later, the strap would be adjoined to a thick elastic cord and your good to go.

Get a chance to see the beautiful River Nile upside down.

At only UGX 250,000 its one of those activities l will live to tale.

White Water Rafting

You can go for full day or half day for starters. As for a pulser l would advise that you begin with half day which is a three hour exercise on the Nile peddling 12kms through rapid water spots.

It’s one of the most adventurous moments l have lived to witness this is a true testimony and l wouldn’t want you my fellow pulsers to miss out.

Expect numerous gulps of water daring dives scary maneuvers in rapid and falls and most remarkable spectacular views.


Birding is one of those activities underestimated among locals in Uganda but trust me once you try it out you will never turn back.

For pulsers this is the one activity that will take away all your stress effortlessly.

My first time birding was in Mabira forest. I must admit that even though my mind was fixated on the birds throughout the journey, the moment we got to Mabira I picked a keen interest in the forest its self!

Mabira Forest, which was officially reserved by the government in 1932, is one of Uganda’s oldest forests and boasts of some of the world’s most precious botanical treasures.

Nature Walk in Mabira

The forest, which is situated east, an hour’s drive from Kampala, is a living museum that catalogues the evolution of plants’ life on earth and is also home to many endangered plant and animal species.

The forest is endowed with numerous streams slinking through papyrus swamps and patches of grassland that are home to red-tailed monkeys whose main occupation is pulling faces and diving from one branch to another.

Mabira Forest’s thickness makes it so noticeable for anyone driving along the Kampala-Jinja highway.

It was such a refreshing moment that l couldn’t help but imagine if I could stay here for the rest of my life!

The melodies that welcome you are like no other.

Like a farmer heading to the garden, l advice pulsers to carry all the tools that will help you enjoyed your trip like: camera, binoculars, phones etc.