How to Take a Good Selfie

It probably sounds like the most elementary headline you have read in a while, but trust me, taking great pictures goes a long way in positively presenting you to the world; usually as someone better than who you actually are. Whether it is just an update to a loved one to show them how you’re doing, an attempt to impress a prospective client, or simply a social media post to your followers; try the tips below and you’ll subliminally be channeling your inner Leonardo da Vinci, as your selfie game will be on fleek.

1. Angles are paramount
You should know that an angle that flatters your friend might not flatter you, since facial features differ in size and shape from person to person. So, try switching from landscape, to portrait, to Dutch angles, to see what suits your face best. Also, one side of your face looks better than the other in pictures — yes, it is called your good side; find it.

2. Lighting is key
Probably, you have seen photos of Ugandans in diaspora, and wondered why their selfies seem out of this world. You have probably consoled yourself that the weather makes their skin tones more beautiful. I can reliably inform you that it isn’t mainly about the climate, but the lighting. Take advantage of the sun; it is a loyal companion.

3. Stretch out your arm
A friend once told me he hates selfies because they make his head bigger. Truth is, front phone cameras are made of wide angle lenses which exaggerate features, so the further you stretch your arm out, the better results you’ll get.

4. Use a selfie stick
Okay from the previous tip, you might not be the kind of person who likes straining your muscles for just a photo: selfie sticks were made for you. Their importance gets more vivid when you intend to have more than yourself in the selfie.

5. It’s not always about the face
You have just shipped in a new pair of swanky sneakers and want to show them off? No need to involve your face in the picture. Just cross your legs on top of your dashboard and snap away.

6. The quality of phone and camera matters
It really does. You might follow all the tips and still not be happy with the kind of selfie that comes out of your phone. Lenses and sensors contribute to the quality of the picture produced by the phone, and usually, this is directly proportional to the price of the phone.

I’ll talk of image filters as a bonus tip, since many frown on hearing their mighty name. Filters make a photo pop, so give them a chance, regardless of your gender or age. It is important to note that not all filters add flowers and dog ears to your head. After following these few tips, buy those Pulse bundles and post away.