Drichiru “Key” Kifuko Set To Empower Girls Through “She Is Hiphop” Platform

“She Is Hiphop” is a brainchild of Drichiru “Key” Kifuko, an educator, dance performer and teacher, choreographer, events organiser and graphic designer. “She Is Hiphop” will officially launch with a festival on 30th March 2019 at Big Kafunda,Kansanga, Ggaba road.

The purpose of the platform is to build girls and women through HipHop. For the first time, this March “She Is Hiphop“ is hosting an annual event called “She Is Hiphop Festival”. The festival will offer performances (music, dance, poetry, beatboxing), workshops (dance, visual arts, women’s health, music, entrepreneurship, writing, crafts making etc.), exhibitions, discussions and games. Everyone supporting girls and women is welcome to be part of the festival.

The initiative is not limited to Hiphop but is using Hiphop as an avenue. With its annual festival as well as with events and activities running in various communities throughout the year, “She Is Hiphop“ aims to achieve the following goals:
• Bringing people together to teach, learn and support each other
• Changing the narrative of how mainstream Hiphop portrays women
• Building a strong and supportive network
• Providing access to skills training
• Building confidence and self esteem
• Highlighting and building female role models
• Creating and providing access to employment opportunities