Pulse MCM: Meet Lewis, a 24 Year Old Football Coach Bringing the Dream to Ugandan Kids

It’s sad that so many times we are off the radar about the “unemployable” courses we study until that moment when we need to apply for jobs.  The idea of pursuing a professional course in regards to what we know best; our talents; has been neglected widely among our local folks for a long time but Lewis Ainebyona’s parents saw the light earlier.

Lewis is a 24 year old Ugandan studying a Bachelors degree in Football studies at Solent University, Southampton in the UK, with a career goal of being a football coach/administrator.  Growing up, he had always participated in school sports particularly football and he also played in Kampala Kids League in 2007. While in his S.4 vac, he played in the Edgars academy for about 3 years. Whenever he played, his passion for soccer was visible.


Lewis had a dream of playing professional football because that’s what he truly loved. Although his dream was not realized as he had hoped, it was also not shuttered completely as he is extending his dream to kids in Uganda via a football academy he started. Currently he is doing volunteer coaching as a F.A licensed coach with a kids club called Salisbury Rovers F.C in Wiltshire.

“I started Kampala Saints Football Academy officially in October 2018 after conducting a soccer clinic with a group of kids. I had a dream of playing football but since I didn’t get to achieve that, I then felt I could help other kids achieve their dreams.”  Said Lewis.

Just like any other venture, Lewis has faced challenges in pushing his dream but giving up is not an option for him. “It’s coming to a year now and it hasn’t all been rosey. I have faced quite a couple of challenges but a lot of positives to take in. We normally book pitches to carry out our sessions. At the moment, we are currently using the Champions United Kyebando Nsooba turf.

Spaces for training have been a major challenge as every small pitch or community pitch around Kampala has been sold for commercial development. So there’s actual need for pitches which I am glad that some people have invested in putting up these soccer facilities.

Dear pulser, this comes as a reminder to follow your dreams.