Social Media King: Meet Raheem, an Inspirational Tech Savvy and Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is one skill that has currently driven deep into the interests of the youth and Raheem Abdul, a 20 year old Afro-Asian at Makerere University is no exception of this. As accessible as the internet is today, people go online for various reasons but to “beat hustle”, is one reason many have mastered. Digital marketing as many know it goes just beyond influencing for products and services but also managing social media platforms on behalf of brands.

When they came up with the saying that goes, “Do what you are passionate about” I guess they had Raheem at the back of their minds. His passion for digital marketing is extremely admirable. He takes time off his busy schedule to extensively research and read about digital marketing, he has done online courses about digital marketing and young as he is, he has been invited to train people of his age and much older about digital marketing. Goals, right?


Internet and digital marketing cannot be separated from technology; Raheem is a full time blown tech savvy with no doubt about it. Part of his passion and hustle, brands used to hire him to review gadgets, apps name it. One can wonder what he ate that the rest of us didn’t eat! But I can tell you dear pulser, It’s nothing. He just discovered himself early enough and focused on his passion.


Raheem is currently a full time employee holding a digital managerial role at one of the best advertising agencies, utilizing his creative mind to build brands. Since his self-discovery, he has temporarily employed so many “tweeps” through gigs. It is no wonder that he was nicknamed mr. gigs. He has given many people an opportunity to manage accounts and also trained them. Besides tech, digital management, Raheem is a very friendly person that is always willing to teach, correct and help whoever crosses his path.

One might ask how he makes the work-school-life balance but it takes a determined person to strike one. Dear pulser, I would love it if we learnt together from Raheem. Load an MTN pulse bundle and follow him on IG:@i_am_raheem and twitter:@ i_am_raheem