Pulse Health: Mental Health Survey With The Medical Concierge Group in partnership with MTN Pulse

Do you find yourself feeling ‘lost’ or ‘not feeling like yourself’? Do you hear the words ‘Depression’, ‘Insomnia’, ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Bipolar’ being used in your social circles but not sure what they mean? Have you or someone you know suffered from a lapse in mental health? Are you like the many who struggle to make sense of the words  ‘Mental illness’, ‘Psychiatry’, Psychology’ and ‘Psychotherapy’?

Well, The Medical Concierge Group together with MTN Pulse are working with a team of young, open and vibrant mental health professionals looking to use their expertise to clear the air on mental health and provide professional guidance. The team includes Dr. Mary Moussa, a medical doctor pursuing specialist postgraduate degree in Psychiatry at Makerere University and Ms. Audrey Kusasira who holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Rochester.

In this era of the mobile phone and internet, chat, social media, SMS, voice and video calls can provide a convenient and affordable means to get timely therapy whenever one needs it. Your participation can help identify how we could all be supported with a service for mental wellness. To participate, please fill out the 5 minute survey on the link below.


The survey will provide insights into what you know, have experienced and recommend to promote mental health. All responses are confidential and protected by the Hippocratic Oath. A summary of the overall findings will be shared after the survey.

Let’s join hands to ensure that everyone enjoys mental wellness.