Take A Break Hiking Adventure To Mt. Sabinyo

Take A Break is a community of vibrant youthful people passionate about tourism who go over the edge to explore and know Uganda in its diverse and rich culture, pristine natural beauty whilst having fun in adventure, sports and abundance of wildlife.

Take A Break has made a name in carrying out several trips to amazing destinations in Uganda, and has organized yet another beautiful trip to explore the adventure of hiking at Mt. Sabyinyo which will take place on the 23rd & 24th  of February, 2019.

Mt. Sabyinyo is located in the South-western part of Uganda, in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Its peak is 3669metres above sea level & marks the intersection of the boarders of Congo (DRC), Rwanda & Uganda with a beautiful scenery and view worth an adventure.

Bookings for the hiking experience are underway according to one of the organizers, and the booking fee is only UGX 200,000 inclusive of transport, hiking fees, accommodation & photography costs. [Contact +256783362171 or +256700255627 to book your spot now]

Watch Video from the previous trip;