Pulse WCW: Lorna Maria a Computer Geek with Vision to End Unemployment through Tech

Wednesday again and as our culture of bringing to you inspirational stories of Pulsers who are beating all the odds to achieve their dreams, today we have gone tech to have you hear from the beautiful and awesome Lorna Maria Aine – a passion-driven technology leader who seeks to empower communities with the necessary skills to compete favorably in the digital world. A graduate of Computer Engineering from Busitema university, Lorna works with different tech communities like Google Developer Groups, Andela Learning Community and Data Centered Communities across Africa.

She is a real time motivation and inspiration to all young people out there. It is simply amazing to see someone her age doing what she likes and enjoys as she takes over the world while at it.

Today’s queen believes in the growing of tech talent across Africa as a solution to rampant youth unemployment.

Lorna during one of the IT workshops in Uganda

Asked how she is making such great strides in the world of tech and how she can help uplift her fellow youths, Lorna had so much to say;

“First of all I put myself in position to understand the tech world and how different things move in that world. I am in constant pursuit of new tech knowledge, I can code and I fully understand most software building processes” she said.
“By doing all the above, I am confident to stand up and take someone through a training, write a tutorial or conduct a class in that line of work”, she added, rather very confidently.

Her biggest challenge is that technology, to many people especially of older generations, is still very abstract and that affects the policies and decisions that help adopt technologies since most of the policy makers are of that older generation.
“[Because of that] as young people our contribution in the tech space can sometimes be disregarded. Many moonshot ideas will go unimplemented because of that challenge”, Lorna told MTN Pulse.

Contrary to popular belief that geeks live miserable and boring lives, Lorna is so much fun.
She loves dancing, goes out, watches movies, reads good literature and loves being around people with positive energy.

Lorna enjoying her free-fun moments

As the goddess she is, when asked about her relationship,  Lorna replied confidently with a joyful face; “I am interested in someone who is also interested in me.”

Her advice to Pulsers was that “We all just need to be curious.” and went further to explain her statement by noting that Curiosity, according to her will lead you to explore your passions, be daring, challenge the status quo and apply for as many jobs, competitions, conferences, fellowships, opportunities as possible.
“I can’t promise that you will get in but each time you get rejected you will learn something new”, she asserted.