Top 10 Ugandan Songs on Tidal This Week

If there’s one fact about Ugandans, it is that they love good music, regardless of what genre it is, and where it comes from. Many songs from other East African countries, South and West Africa, Hollywood and other parts of the world have been riddled all over Tidal’s Top 100 Songs in Uganda playlist, but with this write-up, I bring to you the Top 10 Ugandan songs on that very list this week:

Wire Wire – Bebe Cool
After roughly four months of rising steadily through the chart after its release, Bebe Cool’s hit single “Wire Wire” is finally the number one Ugandan song on Tidal. Big Size rekindled memories of the style Ugandans once adored him for, and he got worthily rewarded for it.

Boom party – Cindy Sanyu
Cinderella Sanyu is one Ugandan musician whose music is simply timeless. One Cindy song will play continuously in all Kampala hangouts for years, without party people getting fed up of it, and that’s why she christened herself “King Cindy”. With “Boom Party”, Uganda’s dancehall legend blessed us with yet another club banger and it is still blazing as new, 4 months later.

Maama Bulamu – John Blaq
John Blaq was criticized a lot by self-professed critics for his unique vocals and musical execution, ever since he released his breakthrough hit “Tukwatagane”. Many argued that his success would be short-lived, but the newest export from Busoga has made them choke on their negative energy with hit after hit. Maama Bulamu is a piece which shows lyrical maturity, and proves that Mr. Kasadha will keep soaring higher.

Parte after parte – Big Tril
An idea sampled from Pastor Sempa’s infamous interview with NBS TV’s Simon Kaggwa Njala, “Parte after parte” quickly became a hit in both up and downtown Uganda due to a combination of its local and catchy chorus, and bougie English verses. Its success though, wouldn’t stop at that, and Big Tril’s single became an anthem, topping charts in Kenya and Nigeria, and getting vibed to by African stars like Don Jazzy, Wiz Kid, Olamide, YCee, Davido and many more.

Sikikukweka – Daddy Andre
According to those that know him, Daddy Andre is probably a much better singer than he even is a producer(and he has produced many hit songs in the recent past). The “You and Me” singer dropped “Sikikukweka” to show that he is now serious about the singing bit of music, just like he is with production. The song oozes with musical appeal.

Sunday – DJ Slick Stuart, DJ Roja, Allan Toniks
The Slick Stuart & Roja duo are arguably what we have closest to what we can call our version of DJ Khaled. They have made hits with various singers like King Saha, Rema Namakula and Beenie Gunter and “Sunday” was more of a homecoming for Allan Toniks, who was trying to revive his hibernated career.

Sweet Sensation – Sheebah Karungi, Orezi
Collabos between Ugandans and West African stars rarely yield any returns to be happy about, but this piece between Queen Sheebah and Nigeria’s Orezi has proved otherwise. It is a hit!

Omusheshe – Spice Diana, Ray G
Spice Diana’s management is by far the most strategic after Sheebah’s in the Ugandan music industry. From being busy with multiple shows all over the week to being on replay in all local hangouts, Spice Diana’s place in the industry is secured. One of the many sharp moves by her management, was to do a collabo with little-known(in Kampala) Western Uganda sensation, Ray G, which has made her a household name in more parts of the country than ever before.

Tunyumirwe – Rickaman Manrick
From “Naki Naki” to “Bango” and now “Tunyumirwe”, Sweden-based Ugandan dancehall star Rickman has mastered the art of releasing club anthems.

Ebintu byo – Ykee Benda, John Blaq

John Blaq has always enjoyed high places on these lists, and this entry too is more of an obvious expectation than it is a shocker.

Youthful Rapper J-Watts Releases Club Banger, Streaming on Tidal

Just yesterday, Ugandan youthful sensation and multi-talented rapper Jude Watsaba aka J-Wats, premiered a brand new single. The song, dubbed Control, is a cool hard beat tune with a rhythmic sweeping and it is also a banger fused with a blend of styles to keep a cool vibe beseeching you to dance along.

The basic premise of “Control” is a submissive call to the one you truly care about and cherish, giving them full control of your life and love. The song is a tantalizing short story of the journey of how far a love has come and the rapper is giving the lady a full drive because he’s madly in love. He also promises to be there for eternity and affirms that his lover is better than them all. All he ever wants is love and affection

J-Watts is not new to making the musical headlines as he was at it early this year when he scooped the Song of The Year award at the 256 Hip-hop Awards. The prestigious awards that recognize the cream de la cream of HipHop in Uganda recognized the young rapper for his sensational song ‘Holla’ and he’s since gone ahead to produce the finest of beats for his fans and ultimate club bangers such as ‘Proud’, ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Omubiri’.

J-Wats is considered one of Uganda’s new-breed and fastest rising rapper and it doesn’t come as a shock that he continues to spin off more club bangers. The award-winning rapper has continued to mark his spot on Ugandan radio and in clubs around the country. J-Watts is confident & optimistic that his latest tune ‘Control’ will be an instant banger. The song is officially available on Tidal. You can dial *165*66# to join Tidal and stream this and more tunes. The first month on Tidal is free.

Top 5 Ugandan Songs On “Tidal Top 100” This Week And Why John Blaq is Dominating the Chart

When John Blaq released his smash hit “Tukwatagane”, many commentators doubted his ability to stay relevant for long, arguing that his low-toned, croaky voice will quickly get monotonous in the ears of Ugandans, and that he was precisely a one-hit wonder. The charts though, prove otherwise, and the 21 year old Urban Afro Pop and dancehall star is high flying. The top 5 Ugandan songs on the Tidal Top 100 chart are:

1. Do Dat by John Blaq
On its release 5 weeks ago, Do Dat shot through the ranks, and is actually Number 1 right now, even when the non-Ugandan songs on the Tidal Top 100 are considered.

2. Gutujja by Rema and B2C
The B2C soldiers were written off by critiques after they parted ways with Andy Events, the management that helped them rise to fame. However, they didn’t back down, and after a great reggae song in “Heart Of A Winner”, they dropped a sizzling hot collabo featuring Rema Namakula in “Gutujja”.

3. Makanika by John Blaq
This one was released about 3 months ago, and is still in the top 3. This should be an indicator of how much on fire John is.

4. Obubadi by John Blaq
Another one by John Kasadha, sitting comfortably at Number 4 and a Million plus views on YouTube.

5. Falling by Toniks and Fille
Allan Toniks’ sublime talent has never been a subject of contention, and after blessing us with “Romance” after a long spell of silence, he couldn’t wait equally long to release this masterpiece. And oh, the “Falling” video is arguably the best Ugandan music video of 2019 – so far.

Back to John Blaq, all I can say is he has proved to be unstoppable. He has managed to capitalize on his fame to release as much music as he can, before his appeal reduces. Also, what sets him apart from unique-voiced and/or rare lyric singers, is that his lyrics have meaning. On that point, try asking Latinum to write down the actual words to any of his songs, and see if he will be able to convince you that he doesn’t sing gibberish.

Unanimously, the pint-sized John can safely be called the New King of the East. He is the hottest thing from Busoga and Eastern Uganda as a whole currently. The likes of Maro are trailing. We just hope he follows suit and graces us with some Sogy lyrics like his predecessors including Gen. Mega Dee always did.

Meanwhile, you can reload your pulse bundles and check out the Tidal Top 100 chart via this link

Pulse Music: Top 10 Trending Songs on Tidal in Uganda this week

Good music is that one loyal companion to the youth, that’s always there in all situations — in happy and sad times. Regardless of the mood, there’s always that song on Tidal that will colour it up pretty well. In this write-up, we count down the 10 songs that have been listened to the most in Uganda this week, regardless of country of origin:


10.Sekkle Down – Beenie Gunter

As the title truly suggests the song’s type, “Sekkle Down” a calm dance hall tune, in which Beenie begs his lover — in his signature mixture of Jamaican patois, English and Luganda lyrics — to settle down and give him true love. If a DJ doesn’t play this song in a Kampala nightclub, ratchet will definitely be his new name, so isn’t a shocker that it comes in at number 10 on the list.


9.Kyoyoya – Prince Omar, Daddy Andre, John Blaq

Undoubtedly the most vocally blessed among new Ugandan prospects, Prince Omar on “Kyoyoya” proved talent always wins. John Blaq, who features on the track, has hit the country by storm with his unique vocals and catchy intros. Coupled with the versatility of Daddy Andre, who both sang and produced the song, the song whose title loosely translates to “What you desire”, comes in at 9.


8.Obubadi – John Blaq

John’s tagline “Ayabas” has become a slogan, and ever since he cemented his synthetic-like macho voice into Ugandan ears, they haven’t shown signs of wanting to stop listening to him.


7.Eazy – Bebe Cool

On Eazy, Bebe Cool brought back his relaxed and effective Afro beat style, the one that got him praise during the times of “Love you everyday”, and also for the most recent “Wasibukawa”. It seems to be working magic for the Gagamel Boss.

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6.Gbona – Burna Boy

What is an African playlist without a West African song? And what’s a Nigerian song without Burna Boy in this recent past? Oluwa Burna has proved to be the most flamboyant Afro beat Star currently, and indeed his “Gbedu entered Ugandan bodies.”


5.Tetema – Rayvanny, Diamond Platnumz

After getting banned by the Tanzanian government over their song “Mwanza”, the Wasafi duo bounced back with yet another collabo, which hit East Africa by storm. The catchy hook by Rayvanny, calling on people to gyrate with the Swahili word “Tetema”, and the subconsciously required sing-a-long, leaves you singing to a song whose words you hardly understand, everyday on end. The Bongo Flavour masterpiece comes in at number 5.


4.Bango – Rickman Manrick

Ever since the glory days of Da Twins, who are currently called Ganda Boys, there hasn’t been a Ugandan musician in diaspora as hyped as Rick. The Sweden-based footballer comes once in a while to Uganda, only to release hits and go back. “Naki” was a hit, and “Bango” isn’t anything short of that.


3.Makanika – John Blaq

So far the third John Blaq song on this list, and arguably regardless of critical complaints about him sounding the same on all his songs, the 21 year old changed flow on “Makanika”. Thanks to Daddy Andre’s production prowess, John’s got another hit song to his name.


2.On The Low – Burna Boy

Even though most people might agree that they mainly dance “On The Low” while on the high, it is still a song whose power can’t be matched for now. We await for another bombshell from self-styled Afro beat Star.


1.Boasty(feat. Idris Elba) – Wiley, Steflon Don, Sean Paul

No doubt this song is currently enjoying well-deserved airplay all over the world, and we are sure it isn’t for very different reasons that this song is the most listened to on Tidal in Uganda, for weeks now. Good music always cracks through!


Generally, the therapeutic thing that Shakespeare describes music as, is what keeps the world going round, so I personally will keep my Tidal account active.

Davido Wows Party Goers in Kampala

Party goers in Kampala ushered in the new year in an overwhelming mood full of fun and enjoyment, thanks to David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido’s astonishing performance.

The 30 billion concert hosted from Pearl of Africa hotel started at exactly 9pm with performances from Ugandan celebrated artistes like Recho Ray, Lydia Jazmine, Rabadaba, Gravity, Beenie Gunter, Bebe Cool, Queen Sheebah and hiphop maestro Navio.

Nigerian and “Wonder woman” singer Davido cheered up revelers with a highly anticipated joyful and energetic performance after being introduced on stage in a special way by fellow musician and socialite Zari Hassan commonly known as “The Boss Lady.”

We have Photos;

Lydia Jazmine during her performance

MTN Uganda was part of the 30 Billion concert sponsors.

Self Proclaimed Big Size aka Bebe Cool entertaining revelers

Rabadaba was also there to thrill his fans

Talent Africa’s Beenie Gunter

Revelers having some good time at the show 

Mummy yo singer Queen Sheebah on stage

Fire works display to mark the end of 2018

Gravity Omutujju cheering up his fans

Hiphop King Navio

The Boss lady Zari Hassan

Nigerian Singer Davido 

Photo Credit: Kab Derrick

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