What to Pack For a Road Trip

If you are a travel enthusiast like myself, you have got to love road trips. They do not necessarily have to be so long, they could be for a day or more depending on your finances and the amount of free time on your hands. If you have never gone on a road trip or if you and a couple of friends will be going onto one soon, here are a few things you need to pack aside from the basic essentials for your hygiene;


Vests should be part of the clothes that you carry because you do not want to have the burden or heavy clothes when the temperatures rise. On a road trip, you are likely to pass through different regions whose temperatures you may not know so carry vests just to be on the safe side.


In the event that it is cold, your jacket should be your best friend. Carry those warm jackets/ sweaters not the ones that are for showbiz because when it gets cold, it really gets cold.


Sun glasses

These should always be in your bag when you are moving around town so there is no way you should forget them. They add a sense of style and edge to whatever look you are trying to have, and they also help you hide your eyes with bags in case you fail to sleep.



These are optional depending on where you are going. If you will do nature walks or hike, they are the ideal shoes for you however if you are going to a sandy place, you might want to carry open flats instead.

Swim suits

You can never know when the plan to swim will come up so always pack a swim suit in your bag.


Because the temperatures are unpredictable, shorts are the ideal. They are also more comfortable than the trousers since you are going to be on the journey for a long time.

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