Social Media Queens: Sarah Solomon, On Twitter and Life Changing Aspirations

First name Sarah, second name Solomon and she’s done. Joined Twitter in 2018 and according to her it’s been a very interesting roller coaster. But why not? Some of us joined years earlier but she seems to be having a blast!

Her reasons for joining Twitter are the exact reasons Jack Dorsey and colleagues made the app for in the first place – to stay informed on all topics political, economic, social et all. Ms Solomon says the other reason was because she realized companies respond more conveniently to users on Twitter than anywhere else.

“I am really not disappointed, I get responses as a consumer very quickly on the application and it is interesting because all serious organizations are on Twitter. Companies like MTN and Umeme respond to everything you post about them whether positive or negative and I don’t have to walk to their offices for services.” She told MTN Pulse.

She seems innocent of aspirations when you first encounter her but deep in conversation, she has got very big dreams that she hopes to accomplish in less than 10 years. Among them is starting up her own Digital Marketing company to elevate what she called “social media influencing from where it is now to the A-Game.”

The other aspiration is to have her own talk show that she can use to shine a light on the underprivileged in society and get them to have their lives turned around for the better. She says her belief in humanity is what is making her hold on that dream because she is sure that as soon as she starts, very many kind hearted people will support her on her journey.

“I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey and she is my inspiration. In future, I hope to have my own show similar to hers that I can use to give a platform to so many people mostly the not so blessed in life to live good and enjoy their time on earth too.” She added.

Jokingly also, she said in 5 years, she will be married to someone’s son and having twins to raise.

Social Media Queens: How Social Media Has Sharpened Praise Atukunda’s Marketing Skills

Praise Atukunda, a youthful student at Mukono based Uganda Christian University (UCU) has social media to thank for her experience in digital marketing at the moment and much more.

From landing a job with an online ticket platform (Ugtickets), Atukunda says the platforms on social media have exposed her to so many friends that have since been instrumental in her journey and usage of the same.

Standing at 12.5K followers on Twitter and 3.8K on Instagram, she has been able to master the art of communicating with her followers and getting them to engage with topics she suggests to them which according to her is a plus in marketing.

Atukunda believes online platforms are the future of communications in Uganda because so many Ugandans are getting to own smart phones and with affordable internet bundles, the whole populace will be online.

“Unlike traditional media, you get to choose what you view on social media which is really the catchy thing about it. Why would someone not want to be on such a platform?” she pondered.

Atukunda said she is a regular user of MTN Pulse internet bundles and credited the data plan for always thinking about the youth in such ways. “Pulse is much more than just internet bundles and it properly describes young people. Keep it up!” she said. Load Pulse data bundles by dialing *157# on your phone to connect with Atukunda and other young people online.

Social Media Kings: Instagram’s Jim Japher Says He’s the First Pulser

If you don’t know this MUBS dude from the floral shirts saga on Twitter where he was accused of sharing clothes with a friend and it turned out that they had bought similar shirts, you know him from another saga involving the chic in the Bosco ad.
After watching one of the best adverts to grace modern television in Uganda, someone went to Twitter and sought to know about the whereabouts of the girl on the supermarket counter. Out of nowhere, Jim came in and assured the man that she’s taken – consequently attaching a photo of himself and the girl. Ouchh!
Ampumuza James Bridge is a model and digital influencer studying BBA at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). He is so passionate about what he does online that he can take a full day engaging his followers about a campaign he is on be it Bata Shoes or Evoke Night where he is part of their online team.
Nearly at 8K followers on Instagram, @jim_the_japher is sure he is among the first Pulsers in Uganda.
“I am among the first pulsers in Uganda and you should believe me when I say that I don’t actually have to spend a lot of money on data to go on with my gigs because of Pulse” he said.
“Most people think it is hard to stay online. They wonder how much data it requires but I always laugh whenever they ask me that. Should I add that I laugh in MTN Pulse?” he added. The only time an interviewee has made me laugh mid-interview. Usually, I am a no-nonsense interviewer.
He credits the social media site Instagram for giving him exposure and to some level, upkeep that has run him through his course in a very expensive Nakawa environment.
In the near future, Jim sees himself as a media executive in a top marketing firm in Uganda and he credits that to social media.
I have never asked this question, but let me ask it today because this interview inspired me.
What are you using your social media for? Lugambo, like the president alleges? I hope you’re inspired too today. Make money moves online, you never know where it will lead you and you do not need much aside from a pulse bundle.

Pulse WCW: Meet Diana, the Upcoming Pharmacist Representing 2000’s Kids on Twitter

The first time I encountered this lady online was in a sub-tweet. I don’t know how to describe a sub-tweet but it’s more of talking (usually negatively) about someone without really mentioning them.
For instance, if I tweeted “thomething talking about the differenthies in thauce therved in restaurants” you’d clearly know whom I am sub-tweeting.
So someone mentioned something about “living among vacists on Twitter” and I knew they were talking about her. I had seen her profile and it indicated boldly, “born February 25th, 2000” so I knew at least that’s a vacist. Then results came and she was excited and we confirmed the allegations.
But Mutesi Diana Immaculate Kagambo is a devoted scientist that hopes to transform the health sector in future when she completes her Pharmacy degree in Makerere University where she is joining in August. She attended Kampala Kindergarten and City Parents’ School for primary before joining Uganda Martyrs SS Namugongo for her secondary education.
As you can see, one school for each level not like some of us. She admits that she is a bit shy but also acknowledges that she is friendly and mostly calm unless extremely provoked – whatever test she uses to determine the extent of provocation, she knows.
“I think it stems from how sad I get to see people deeply sad or unhappy and most times it’s to do with their health” Mutesi told MTN Pulse before adding that she feels that pursuing a course in line with the medical field will get her the knowledge she needs to hopefully help out people.
How she will do that, she believes that probably establishing a clinic or hospital or even just passing on important medical advice that could be of help to people with health complications will prove worthwhile in her pursuit of healthy living among the populace.
When we asked her what it feels like to be a 2000’s baby, considering that they’re few of them online and on social media, she jokingly said that she loves the jealous it brings to 90’s kids.
“It feels good because we make 90s babies feel old and that’s just funny” she said while laughing.
Also, that high school slang of “wagwes”, “nara” and “asashed” – she doesn’t do that. She constructs proper English words in her conversation. We just felt you should know!
If you’re in vacation and you feel the need to check her “social” out, load pulse bundles and find her on instagram @tesi_diana.

Social Media Queens: Bend the Knee and Meet Atim Charlotte from Twitter

Growing up, Atim dreamed of life as a journalist and worked passionately to become one. When she applied to do the course, she was denied the chance by her university of choice and her dream looked shattered then. But like any other success story, she didn’t give up. She took to social media and engaged in what we call online journalism because her passion had not died out despite the road block.
At the moment, Atim handles Public Relations (PR) for companies. She also has, with the help of MTN Pulse bundles, been involved in several online campaigns in PR and advertising that have ensured that she gets to practice something she has always been passionate about but missed a chance to study comprehensively. She is, by her standards, an established Social Media Strategist and to her, Twitter is not just a platform. It is a work station whose potential she hopes to tap for her own good.
The other interesting bit about Atim is that she has proudly shown off her man online. If you’re an avid user of the site, you’ll know that she is in a very open relationship and has on several occasions come out strongly in support of her man. If you say anything misinformed and ill about him, she will definitely teach you how to get your facts correct the next time. We will not mention his name here but the hint just goes on to tell you that for her, Twitter is not just an application. She’s a queen and the app is her realm whose interest she has sworn to defend.
Like you can see, her story is one of resilience and love for one’s passions even in the rise of so much negativity. She could easily have given up her journalism dream but instead when the front door was shut in her face, she marched on and entered using the back door and like they say, the end will justify the means.
In the next five years, Atim sees herself as an ambassador on Twitter and doing mostly philanthropic work. But before she cuts shift from PR and Advertising she plans to create her own business and use the platform to grow it. She has seen so many businesses grow with her input and been inspired to start her own and water it with the same water she watered the other businesses with.