Twitter Behavior That Could Have Your Account Suspended

Social Media is our go to place in whatever situation, at least for this generation. If you’re happy, you’ll login somewhere and express your happiness. You’ll do the same for when you’re sad, want to be alone, bored and name any other mood.

It is therefore very sad and near depressing when you lose your account, on say Twitter, over a suspension that you could have avoided.


Mass Following

When Twitter was founded in 2006, it didn’t have many rules. You could wake up and follow whoever you want, but with constant upgrades and to make the platform safe to use, Twitter capped the number of people you can follow in a day at 1000. If you ask me, that is still so high. What business do you have following 1000 people at once? Yes, having a following is good but that number is still high. Now, one of the fastest ways to get your account suspended is violating that term of use.

If your account is suspended for aggressive following behavior, there is a remedy. Send an email or contact the support team and tell them that you have read and understood the Terms Of Service and will never perform such acts again. You may be pardoned.

The Violent Threats Policy

Twitter seeks to become a safe platform for use by anyone and as such, they are deeply interested in safety of users from violence and/or harm. The violent threats policy can be violated in four forms that Twitter has so far highlighted.

Threatening to kill someone, threatening to sexually assault someone, threatening to commit an act that may kill or physically harm someone and offering or requesting for an incentive to harm someone will have you suspended.


Let us remember also, that Twitter is just an app and their algorithm may have some flaws. That way, you may be suspended for light statements that would otherwise have just passed. For instance, saying “I will kill you for retweeting that spoiler” which isn’t usually intended for harm or violence and in such a situation, you can appeal the suspension and you will be considered. Otherwise, your account will be permanently suspended.

In the past, we have seen colleagues get suspended for threatening harm on themselves. Tweeting suicide intent violates the policy also and can have you suspended.

The discussion about what could get you suspended on Twitter is really a long one and can’t be exhausted in one day. In the next post on the topic, we shall discuss some three other policies which when violated can get you suspended.

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