Pulse Movie Review: Stuber Receives Negative Criticism for Being ‘Too Cliche’

Stuber is a mash up of the character “Stu” played by Kumail Najiani and “Uber” the app hailing transportation company for which Stu works as a driver.

The action comedy that was directed by Micheal Dowse also features (Vic) Dave Bautista who starred in The Guardians of the Galaxy as ‘Drax’.

Stuber sends Stu on a wild goose chase around Los Angeles when he picks up Vic, a cop with an axe to grind against a drug Lord (played by Iko Uwais).

“Stuber is an 80’s action movie beamed into 2019 for nostalgic enjoyment. There is not that much in it that you haven’t seen before (unless you have never seen an action movie), and the action is so shakily shot that it often borders on incoherent” Karen Han of Polygon wrote.

The movie got 46% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but they felt that in as much as Bautista and Najiani are likeable enough together and the movie has a few laughs, overall it feels rushed and routine.

The film was premiered in the US on 11th July.

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