Social Media King: Meet Nick Echonga, the Ambitious Mr. Kidongo of Kampala

Kampala being the city of ‘Kidongo’ there are people that slowly became the faces of ‘Kidongo’ and Nick Echonga is one of those people. He is literally what the Kampala night life is all about, the partying, the drinks and of course the good time. Due to his love for kidongo, he is now a marketing and promotions personnel for bars and events. Nick is a 27-year-old graduate from ISBAT university with a bachelor’s degree in Science in Information Technology.

He joined the ‘Kidongo’ life after failing to find a job after campus. He started off as a supervisor at Sundowner’s bar and grill then got promoted to manager 3 days later. Since then, he built connections that got him jobs to promote clubs at Game club, Valhalla, Wink, Liquid silk, August 80 and now he is at Illusions.

Nick is also one of those unique people with a 32.2k following on Instagram and 12.3k on twitter. This is rare because some people either have a large following on twitter alone or on Instagram alone but not both. It goes without say that he is a special kind of person. He is very hard working and above all social. If you are part of the night life in Kampala and you don’t know Nick, then you need to check yourself because literally everyone knows Nick, or he knows you.

In the next couple of years, Nick won’t be changing course but will continue in the ‘Kidongo’ scene by starting up his own events and marketing agency. He hopes that it will be up and running in the next couple of months and with the people he has interacted with in the different bars, he believes that it will be a big company in not only Uganda but even East Africa. Nick is going no where so buy a pulse data bundle *157# and follow him on social media and see where the world takes Nick.

Twitter/Instagram: nickechonga