Style guide to the 90’s Vintage Party by Karenhappuch Ibiara

With just 4 days left to the big 90’s Vintage Party hosted by Kakatshozi x KQ HUB, you must be freaking out about what you’re going to wear. (Read about the 90’s Vintage Party HERE )

The 90’s had a relaxed and easy-going sense of rebellious and minimalistic style, Silhouettes were loose and oversized, and casual dressing dominated the era; most of which has already made a comeback.

This is where we saw the birth of grunge as well as a rise in streetwear, sneaker culture and early athleisure so don’t be afraid to incorporate your volleyball/basketball jersey.

Now whether you’re going grunge, retro, hipster or classic trying to impress your ex, or just want to get the attention, here’s everything you need to know and get before Sunday 10th February!!


  • Round neck tees
  • Turtle Necks
  • Biker Jackets
  • Baseball Jackets
  • Hoodies


  • Strapped down overalls
  • Oversized Jeans
  • Tracksuits
  • Acid washed Denim shorts


Now here, all you need are Sneakers, Combat Boots or Timberlands. if you are trying to be fancy.  If you decide to go for sneakers (which by the way would be my safest choice) You have a variety of brands and styles to choose from ranging from Converse Chuck, Nike Air Grunge, New Balance, Adidas Stan Smiths, Puma OG Trainers, Slip-ons, VANS, Brooks Decades, All stars. This list is endless. So, don’t freak out, you already own a pair of one of those!


  • Suspenders
  • Buckle Beret / Snapback hats / Base
  • A chain or a cross
  • Stripped / Coloured Socks
  • Bandana
  • Glitter

Yellows, reds, greens, orange, blues are the colours you are looking for, big bold stripes, different bold floral or coral and checked prints. For the ladies don’t forget you can wear your afro or wear a high ponytail/pigtail, these really rocked the 90’s and the guys can go for a fresh trim of either French /flat topped cut or do some cornrows and remember, you can layer your clothing as much as you want.

Guest Writer: Karenhappuch Ibiara