Music Review: Mwana Weika EP by Wake Boasts of the pride of Bugwere

Gordons Mugoda, alias Wake, likes to introduce himself as a ‘Christian Artiste’ and through his art, it is clear that he is true to what he stands for. Even though he first got famous for his notable poems like “256” a spoken word poet, “Mwana Weika” morphed into what one might call a rapper, and has shown seriousness in this regard, by releasing an EP of the same name.

A Mugwere by tribe, Wake represents his people perfectly well, by pointing out the need for them to look for solutions to the problems that affect Bugwere and Uganda as a whole, than run away to the diaspora, leaving their motherland in shambles.

The EP consists of 6 masterpieces: “Namugwere” is a story told about the rich history of Bugwere land by Zoe The Story Teller, “Brain Drain” featuring Ctrl AD and MoRoots, and “Mwize” both urge youths not to desert their motherland, and “Yaina” seeks to know the challenges. “Abantu Beira” holds the same subject matter as the story told by Zoe, and “Musaiza Weika “is just Wake boasting about his beautiful home: Pallisa.

Wake’s choice to predominantly sing and rap in Lugwere goes an extra mile to make his pride manifest, and is a subliminal challenge to other Bagwere musicians like Maurice Kirya to incorporate their native language in songs. By the way, it took me a while to get to know that Racheal Magoola’s classic song Obangaina, uses a Lugwere phrase as its hook. Anyway, check out Wake’s EP on Tidal via the link below, using the Pulse Tidal Bundles by dialing *165*66#