Gloria Nawanyaga’s Inspiring Pursuit of the Miss Uganda Crown as a Young Girl Living With HIV

Stigma against HIV/AIDS patients and victims in Uganda has always been one of the most shameful acts from the beloved Pearl of Africa. As patients would be discriminated against by their own family, to the extent of fearing to share cutlery with them, it made the eradication of the scourge harder. Ignorant beliefs that the Syndrome was a work of witchcraft, were first publicly quashed by The legendary Philly Bongole Lutaaya, and ever since then, the rest has been history.

Over 3 decades after The Late Sweden-based, Ugandan musician made his declaration of having HIV at the most complex of times; beauty queen Gloria Nawanyanga, 23, a Law student at Uganda Christian University, has defied the standards set by society, and could become Miss Uganda 2019.

Even though there’s YPlus Beauty Pageant, which happens among people living with HIV, there has not been a contestant of Miss Uganda that was HIV positive during the contest and revealed it to the public. Gloria, who got to know she was born with the virus at the tender age of 11, aims to prove that having HIV isn’t the end of life, and shouldn’t hinder anyone from achieving their goals.

“I’m contesting for Miss Uganda 2019 to encourage all people living with HIV” quoth she.

The Ugandan Twitter community through hashtag #Gloria4MissUG2019 has professed it’s support to the activist, who vows to start a project to help those with HIV get better medical care, since she believes that beauty starts with being healthy.