From way back, there have always been seasons where we talk more on phone than other times because our basama friends and relatives are back and there’s a lot to plan and catch up on. That season for me has always been the festive season and what a perfect time for MTN to unveil the More supu daily Voice Bundles because that time is just around the corner.

Festive season aside, there is always a new party around the block and we always want to unwind with our crew but sometimes “insufficient airtime” cuts us short while giving directions. But the good news is that we can now communicate better at extremely affordable rates. Imagine making phone calls across networks using perfectly priced voice bundles. MTN has come to our rescue with these exciting bundles. In case you are wondering, here is what you need to know about the More Supu voice bundles;

  • The offer is currently running
  • You will be able to make phone calls across networks at no additional cost
  • To activate a daily voice bundle, just dial *160*21#
  • You can buy as many minutes as you like for yourself or any other MTN customer.


24 hours    500 5 1 6
   700 8 2 10
1,000 17 3 20
2,000 55 5 60


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