If there’s one fact about Ugandans, it is that they love good music, regardless of what genre it is, and where it comes from. Many songs from other East African countries, South and West Africa, Hollywood and other parts of the world have been riddled all over Tidal’s Top 100 Songs in Uganda playlist, but with this write-up, I bring to you the Top 10 Ugandan songs on that very list this week:

Wire Wire – Bebe Cool
After roughly four months of rising steadily through the chart after its release, Bebe Cool’s hit single “Wire Wire” is finally the number one Ugandan song on Tidal. Big Size rekindled memories of the style Ugandans once adored him for, and he got worthily rewarded for it.

Boom party – Cindy Sanyu
Cinderella Sanyu is one Ugandan musician whose music is simply timeless. One Cindy song will play continuously in all Kampala hangouts for years, without party people getting fed up of it, and that’s why she christened herself “King Cindy”. With “Boom Party”, Uganda’s dancehall legend blessed us with yet another club banger and it is still blazing as new, 4 months later.

Maama Bulamu – John Blaq
John Blaq was criticized a lot by self-professed critics for his unique vocals and musical execution, ever since he released his breakthrough hit “Tukwatagane”. Many argued that his success would be short-lived, but the newest export from Busoga has made them choke on their negative energy with hit after hit. Maama Bulamu is a piece which shows lyrical maturity, and proves that Mr. Kasadha will keep soaring higher.

Parte after parte – Big Tril
An idea sampled from Pastor Sempa’s infamous interview with NBS TV’s Simon Kaggwa Njala, “Parte after parte” quickly became a hit in both up and downtown Uganda due to a combination of its local and catchy chorus, and bougie English verses. Its success though, wouldn’t stop at that, and Big Tril’s single became an anthem, topping charts in Kenya and Nigeria, and getting vibed to by African stars like Don Jazzy, Wiz Kid, Olamide, YCee, Davido and many more.

Sikikukweka – Daddy Andre
According to those that know him, Daddy Andre is probably a much better singer than he even is a producer(and he has produced many hit songs in the recent past). The “You and Me” singer dropped “Sikikukweka” to show that he is now serious about the singing bit of music, just like he is with production. The song oozes with musical appeal.

Sunday – DJ Slick Stuart, DJ Roja, Allan Toniks
The Slick Stuart & Roja duo are arguably what we have closest to what we can call our version of DJ Khaled. They have made hits with various singers like King Saha, Rema Namakula and Beenie Gunter and “Sunday” was more of a homecoming for Allan Toniks, who was trying to revive his hibernated career.

Sweet Sensation – Sheebah Karungi, Orezi
Collabos between Ugandans and West African stars rarely yield any returns to be happy about, but this piece between Queen Sheebah and Nigeria’s Orezi has proved otherwise. It is a hit!

Omusheshe – Spice Diana, Ray G
Spice Diana’s management is by far the most strategic after Sheebah’s in the Ugandan music industry. From being busy with multiple shows all over the week to being on replay in all local hangouts, Spice Diana’s place in the industry is secured. One of the many sharp moves by her management, was to do a collabo with little-known(in Kampala) Western Uganda sensation, Ray G, which has made her a household name in more parts of the country than ever before.

Tunyumirwe – Rickaman Manrick
From “Naki Naki” to “Bango” and now “Tunyumirwe”, Sweden-based Ugandan dancehall star Rickman has mastered the art of releasing club anthems.

Ebintu byo – Ykee Benda, John Blaq

John Blaq has always enjoyed high places on these lists, and this entry too is more of an obvious expectation than it is a shocker.

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