What To Consider When Picking The Awesome Location For Your Graduation Party


Last week Makerere University held its 70th graduation and had about 13,000 graduates leaving university to join the world of employment. Aside from the fear of not finding employment, being able to graduate is no small task so it calls for celebration. Although it is a week later, some people are still celebrating and here are tips to help you with venue selection;

The number of people

This automatically determines whether you need a small room or if you can hold your party even in your compound at home. The smaller the number of people, the less the space you need for your graduation party.

The ambience you want

The ambience is basically determined by whether you want an outdoor or indoor kind of event. With indoor you are rest assured that no weather can interrupt your event. However being the fact that it is January, even the outdoor is perfect for your event because you get to enjoy fresh and cool air.

Your budget

This is the biggest determinant of the kind of location you pick for your party. While some people will have their parties at Kampala Serena Hotel, some will have it at their homes. It is important that you acknowledge that there is life after the party ends so you need to ensure that you don’t go over board trying to impress your guests with your choice of location.


A graduation is not like a wedding so you probably don’t have an organising committee to take care of things like directions to the venue. So it is key that your location is easy to be found so that your phone is not buzzed with questions of how people can get there.

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