As the dates come closer for the much anticipated festival “MTN Nyege Nyege festival” happening from the 6th of September up to the 9th day of September at Nile beach in Jinja, to ensure that our Pulsers enjoy the fun filled weekend in a safe and responsible mood, in this piece we are going to list for you basic things that shouldn’t miss out on your packing list or better yet, your shopping list.

Phone charger, in this era where you have to lit up your social media pages as away of sharing an experience, you wouldn’t want to see a battery low notification when the party is getting lit and you want to create FOMO, therefore, as you pack tooth paste which by the way should be accompanied by a pair of tooth brush and a towel ,don’t forget to drop your phone charger in the sides of your bag as for those who have power banks, then that’s an added advantage to enjoy your weekend out while sharing with friends without limitations by battery life.

Dress code, we all know Nyege Nyege represents a bit of culture, so we would rather you carry with you at least clothes with an African print so you can celebrate your culture with other revelers. Still on dress code, Like ‘Stonebowy’ said in his song, “No one knows tomorrow” , just so you know you will need you a pair or two of hoodies to keep you warm just in case the sky decides to bless us with what Mr. Eazi called Holy water in Leg over.

On creating for yourself a healthy environment that will allow you to party without complications, we all know there is a time when the body will need to rest irrespective of what one will be doing at the Nile beach, therefore don’t forget to pack a blanket and bed sheets given that the event shall be on the shores of a river so there will be cold moments during the festival and a warm blanket can save you that fate as you enjoy the festival.

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