It is just two days to the Pulse Fest Jam at Sheraton Hotel Gardens in Kampala and we cannot wait, can we? The Jamaican Reggae artist is already in the country and he promises a crazy party that day.

Well, as we prepare to turn up, MTN Pulse has lined up packs of goodies for Pulsers that will rock the reggae fashion style that day and here is what you should have at the back of your mind for you to be able to win such goodies.

The reggae/ Rastafarian style of dressing is oriented around the African culture. The pan-African colours of green, yellow and red are the definition of this type of clothing. Find a clothing with these colours for the fest and you will be going home with goodies.


If you can not find that, there is a simpler alternative. We understand that the late Bob Marley is the most well known reggae artist – if you can find any t-shirt or clothing with Bob Marley’s image, you’ll be in among the Pulsers to walk away with goodies.

something like the image above.

Are you an accessories person, find any that you own that are in red, yellow, green or black and combine them to come up with that Rastafarian style. You too will have clinched the required dress code for winners of Pulse goodies.

Lastly, if all the above fail, get yourself a wool hat or socks or scarf that reflects the reggae theme colours for the night. And you too shall be a winner. We have so many goodies to give out and you shouldn’t miss out because you couldn’t find green, yellow, and red.

As you wait for Saturday, enjoy Chronixx’s album Chronology on Tidal. Ticket prices for the show are 40K ordinary and 100K VIP. See you there.

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