It was a delightful evening at The Square Place as Fastlane media and Simples entertainment hosted a silent disco session (Disco Inferno Kla) on Friday 10th. Turn up from most partygoers who are preoccupied with partying was exciting and the revelry started at exactly 8pm.

The lineup of the Deejays was up to the expectations as revelers enjoyed diverse setting of music from over 10 deejays most of whom, were playing at the same time but for different channels according to the type of headsets one chose to listen from over the night.

Deejay Ciza, Naselow the noise maker, Selector Jay, Dj kasbaby among other top deejays were in the building to bless the party with fire mixes.

We have pictures;

A collection of headsets

Fastlane’s Mugabe with a friend enjoying a drink

Revelers enjoying the music

Selfie moment

Kidongo inc.’s GiN was also in the building

Music took over

The Real Crowd Pleaser DJ Ciza

NTV’s Deejay Bryan

DJ kasbaby on set

Revelers having some good time

Val and Mugume having fun


Photo credit: AfriArt Moments (@TheKerororist)

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