In recent years fashion trends have taken the much unexpected twists and turns which I think is not stopping soon. Remember the days where we used to wear rain coats only when it was raining? Yeah that changed and now rain coats are a whole trend, but for the bold fashion enthusiasts. Mosquito nets, mesh, I could write an entire list of these trends that have come as trends shocking us culturally.


Now recently added onto this list is bike shots. In the past, these were basically used for gym, riding bicycles and exercises in general but Kim Kardashian hopped onto them and made them look comfortable and extra fashionable. She set the trend for this. Having millions of young followers, many have adopted the trend and it’s now the in thing.

I must admit though that it’s become every girl’s go to because they are extremely comfortable on the skin. Who would not love a flattering outfit? these shorts give you just that.


Here is a free tip on how to pull off this look. Since these shorts tightly fit onto the skin, its better to accompany them with a buggy hoodie or buggy shirt and a pair of sneakers. This will make one look effortlessly stylish. If one wishes to wear a tightly fitting top too, they should accompany it with a small cross bag. This will give your look some pop.

These shorts have become commonly an outdoor outfit so they can be worn to events, a chill plan outdoors but mostly a nature relaxing plan especially if it involves taking nature walks. In all this, the good news is that they can be got at Pulse Twambale Apparel. Dial *157*4# for discounts on the purchased item.

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