We are living in a society where people are too judgmental. They will jump on to anything even without knowing a single bit about it just to make someone else’s life miserable for their own comfort.

They will tell you to be true to yourself but again judge you for being yourself. I don’t know whether they just want to show off that they are some kind of ‘Saints’ or they are ‘Mr know it all.’
Whatever leads to that, can’t we just embrace our differences!

These people are too strange and unappreciative that they will ignore the hundreds of good things about you and point out only the one bad thing about you.

They will under look the hundreds of good stuff you have done but will be too quick to make noise when you unintentionally do one thing wrong.

And when they are asked who their role models are, they won’t hesitate to mention names like; Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey among other names of a kind.

What they forget is that these people are so unique in a certain way. They aren’t judgmental and this is one of the reasons why they are loved by big masses.

I have seen both Michelle and Oprah rolling out with people you who look up to them can never associate with. Or maybe you can but since you play a saint, you will be scared to.

Why do we have to stress ourselves over things we have nothing to do about? Things which don’t hurt us or we totally don’t understand!

Why do we always want to play the Almighty’s role? Judgment is left to him.

We should stop judging one another. We should stop always trying to find fault in other people’s lives yet we also have our own flaws.

If I want to teach you one thing or two and you find me using the f* word somewhere, can’t you ignore it. Pick what’s important and leave the rest. (winks*)

Just like if you didn’t like my examples in this article, that shouldn’t call for an argument. Just Pick what’s important and stop being Judgmental. (Smiles*)

We need to live happily when we know no one is going to judge our actions. When we are ourselves without hiding under a pretense coat. To live with #NoFear.

Have I used the judgmental word way too much! Worry not, the article is done too.

“When you have a conversation with me, don’t bring colors, sexualities, genders or religious beliefs because I don’t make any differences.”

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