For those in relationships, this week has started with anxiety of what Friday will hold. You don’t know whether you get your partner an extravagant gift or something simple because you also don’t know what you will receive. However, aside from the anxiety, at MTN pulse we thought it wise to educate you on some of the things that make the day like the colors.

Red is the color of love- even the red heart on whatsapp explodes when you send it because red is not like any other color. It is the symbol of romance and also shows that someone is in love. When someone wears red on Valentines day, it is to say that they’re taken and in love.

Black in general is associated with bad news or grief. On Valentine’s Day, black goes to show that you’re alone, rejected or open to proposals from other people. Because the day is all about love, the color black is worn for those who are single to also get a chance at love.

These 2 colors are however worn together because they blend well with each other. Since they’ve traditionally been known as the colors for Valentine’s day, fashion has evolved to mix them together to keep them as the color themes for the day. You can buy yourself some black and red themed gifts on the Jumia app and enjoy a discount if you are on the pulse by dialing *157#.

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